13 July 2014

Because I Care [Part 1]


"Are you okay?"

"Should I get someone?" 

Slowly coming around, he put his hand to his head and mumbled the word 'fuck'. He did not know where he was or who the girl was talking to him. The last thing he remembered was being at a party, drinking wildly, jumping into a pool, feeling super horny and having the best sex with his girlfriend. Seeing that he was coming around, the girl moved away from him giving him some space.

"I'm fine, just a little fucked up" He tried to get up off the front lawn. The girl put her hand on her chest grateful that she did not discover a dead man. "Do you know where I am?"

"Yeah. We're on Springer Street. Wait, don't I know you?" The girl squinted her eyes at him slightly before speaking again. "You're Drake Graham right?"

"Yeah yeah, and you are?" Drake sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Nicki, we go to the same school"

"Oh right, what are you doing here?"

"Working, I deliver newspapers"

"Hmm do you know how I got here?"

"Sorry no, I just found you here passed out or sleeping, one of those. Do you want a lift home?" Nicki put her hand out to help him but he tried to get up himself. Finally getting himself up, Drake brushed himself off. 

"No but can I tag along with you? You helped me so why don't I help you"

"I mean erm... If you want to. I uh normally drive while I do it so, that's my car there. Just hop in" Nicki pointed to the grey pickup truck just across from them.  

"You do know they are supposed to reach the actual house right?" She laughed as Drake threw a newspaper and it landed in the middle of the person's garden.

"I knew that" Drake lied and Nicki shook her head. After some more failed attempts, Drake's aim got better and the newspapers landed closer to the houses.

"See all it took was a little practice" 

"You're pretty cool Nicki, did you know that?"

"No not really but thanks"

"We should hang out again"

"I'm free tomorrow, we can do something then?"

"I would like that" Nicki smiled to herself and kept her eyes on the road.


"Sorry I'm late. My mum was bugging me about how I don't do enough around the house and then my car wouldn't start and,"

"It's okay, sit down. Are you hungry?"

"No, I'm fine. So what do you want to talk about?"

"Whatever you want to" Nicki bit her lip thinking about something to talk about and found herself gazing out of the window. Drake looked at her in awe, he could tell she was really thinking. "How we tell stories about ourselves?"

"Um yeah, you go first"

"So I used to live in Canada 'cause I was born there, anyway it's like winter every day there so one day it was snowing badly but I love snow so I didn't bother me. Me and my friend were outside having a snow ball fight and I made a really big snowball, he wasn't ready for it and it hit it so hard in the face. Knocked the life straight out of him"

"He died?!"

"No no no just knocked him out and when he came back around, he asked me who was winning"

"Wow. So he didn't know he was unconscious?" Drake shook his head with a slight smirk on his face.  "That's pretty funny"

"It was. So what's your story?"

Nicki shrugged. “Umm I don't know"

"Come on, you must have at least one story"

"Remember that time we had to do assignment on things we would change in the world and you wrote a whole speech on how we should be free to fart whenever we want" She giggled.

"Yeah, that was funny" Their laughter soon died down. "What about you? Don't you have any stories?"

"No, I'm boring"

"Come on, everyone has at least one story"

"Not me" She glanced down at her phone and saw the time. "Dammit I've got to go" She picked up her bag and scooted off of the chair. 

He gently touched her hand stopping her. "Wait, you're in Mr. Johnson's class for Chemistry right?"


"That means you're smart, am I right?"

"I wouldn't say that but I do well, why?"

"Can you tutor me? It's okay if it's not convenient for you but Mr. Hyde is on my case because I'm what you call 'failing'"

"No it's fine, where should we study?"

"I'm not bothered"

"We can do it at mine, I mean do chemistry not the other thing" He had to laugh at her rephrasing her sentence. "I've really got to go but I'll text you my address" She pulled out an old receipt from her purse and quickly scribbled down her number sliding it across the table.

"Thanks, see you soon?"

"Sure sure, bye" She smiled at him before turning around and walking towards the exit of the cafe. 


"Dude where was you the other night? Mason had this party and it was off the chain. Everyone was smashed and I got some action" Isaac, his best friend, said.

"Good for you man but I had something to handle"

"Something big enough for you Drake Graham to miss a party?"

"Yeah, that big" He laughed and saw Nicki at her locker. "I'll catch up with you later"

Drake snuck up behind her. "Hey"

"Jeez, you scared me"

"I was just wondering if we could meet up tonight, I got some chem homework that I know nothing about"

"I'm not busy tonight so we can meet at mine, you have my address right?"

"Yeah, what time?"

"Anytime after 4, gives me a little time to clean my room"

"Alright, see you tonight then"

"I'm coming! Hold on!" Nicki pulled her hair back into a ponytail then ran to answer the door. 

"I didn't know it was you, I'm sorry. It's four already? Well come in"' She opened the door wider and stepped to the side to let him in. "It's just us so we can do whatever, I thought I would tell you but it's only till about 6 but we can't do much since you're a boy and my mum would disapprove. Not of you being here but of me being alone with you, not that I would do anything other than school work with you but it's the whole boy girl sex business. I'm a virgin like total virgin, I have never done oral or anything like that. I've never had a boyfriend so that sort of explains that so yeah. What was I talking about again?" Drake stared at her in disbelief, not because she was a virgin but that she hadn't had a boyfriend and the fact she told him about her non-existent sex life in a ramble about being home alone which was strange.

"Us being alone?" 

"Oh yeah. So only till 6 but we should be finished by then so it shouldn't matter so want to get started?"


About an hour later, Nicki had taught Drake the basics of chemistry and he was getting the hang of it. 

"So whenever you mix an acid with a solution, water is made too?"

"Yep and that happens with every reaction like that, they're called exothermic reactions"

"Oh right, thanks" He went back to finishing the sheet. "I've finished" 

"Oh good, do you want me to walk you out?"

"Nah it's fine but thanks again" Drake picked up his sheet and put in his bag-pack. "Oh, are you busy on Saturday?" 


"Well there's this party and I wondered if you wanted to go with me, what do you say?" 

"If you really want me to, I will. I would love to"

Inspired by the spectacular now. 

5 June 2014

Yass hunty [Oneshot]

He slowly climbed on top of her and the kisses got deeper. Her head hit the pillow and her hands were on his cheeks. His tongue ran along her bottom lip then slipped into her mouth, she pulled him closer and grabbed the back of his head letting her other hand slip from his cheek.

Nicki felt him pull away from her and slowly opened her eyes missing the feeling of him being so close. She was about to say something but Drake put his finger over her mouth silencing her. "Shh and let me do all the work"

He leaned over her kissing her neck and sucking on it softly. Pleasure seeped through her body at his touch. His hands soon found her hot pink thong and crept inside. She tensed at the feeling of his fingers rubbing against her, teasing her. Growing impatient with his constant teasing, Nicki moved her hips causing his fingers to actually touch her.  

Drake locked eyes with her and curled his fingers, she bit down on her lip to keep her from screaming out. Keeping the same look on his face, he pushed one of his fingers inside of her. She let out a high pitched squeal and with that Drake inserted the other finger. He hadn't even started and she was already screaming. He rapidly moved his fingers in and out of her, she grabbed on the sheets on either side of her.

It was indescribable. He soon hit a spot, that made her drip instantly and once he found it, he didn't stop touching it. It was all becoming too much for her, her body couldn't handle the feeling. Unknowingly she tried to pull away from him with no avail. He was sending her over the edge. 

"Au-Au-Aubrey" She whimpered.  The tension in her stomach slowly was released and she came all over his fingers. She moaned so softly it was like music to his ears. 

She laid there in entire bliss. "That was amazing"

"I know how to," He was stopped mid sentence by footsteps coming up the stairs. He pulled his hand out of Nicki's jeans and straightened himself up just in time as a knock on the door was heard.

"Come in" Nicki sat up and ran her fingers through her hair.

"What did I tell you when I left you home alone? No boys! And why is there a boy in my house?!" His nostrils flared with anger and looked at both of them with the same emotion. 

"Dad, don't worry. Because he's erm... Gay" Drake looked at her with his eyebrows raised and she gave him a look that told him to go along with it.

"That's right gurl. I don't get down like that and why didn't you tell me your dad was so damn fine?" He said doing duck lips..

"Oh, alright. Well you two have fun"

Inspired by a vine I saw.

24 May 2014

Prisoner [Part 3]

"Drake, Drake, Drake" Nicki tapped him waking him up. "We're at your apartment block but we have to be quick"

She pulled him up by his arms and let him use her as support. She was thankful his apartment was only on the second floor. The elevator ride was fast and so was the walk to his actual apartment.

"So what are we going to do now?" Nicki sat him down on his bed and helped him undress and lie down.   

"You're going to stay low, if you want anything call or text me. I can't risk loosing you again"


Nicki was rudely awakened by her phone ringing. Still half asleep, she patted around looking for her phone and found it on the nightstand. "Hello?" She answered groggily.

"Onika, we've been trying to call you all night! Your brother's in hospital. We don't know what happened but he was shot in his arm"

"I'm on my way" She said and hung up. She turned over and saw Drake peacefully sleeping. She lightly brushed her fingers against his face and placed a kiss on his cheek. He didn't move a little which she was thankful for. She climbed out of his bed and went to have her shower and got changed. Nicki slipped her phone in her pocket and snuck out of his apartment.


She reluctantly walked into the hospital room and saw her family surrounding his bed. He was asleep with his arm bandaged up with IV's attached to it. 

"Is he okay?" She asked.

"He's doing okay. The doctor said he lost a fair bit of blood so they gave him a blood transfusion. He doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, I just thank God he is alive" Her mother replied. 

Nicki nodded and sat down on one of the spare seats. Her parents were talking to each other, leaving Nicki by herself but she seemed to be in her own world anyway. She was thinking of Drake's health and safety more than her brother's, but was she wrong too? Not in her mind, her own flesh and blood tried to kill the one person that understood her and made her feel complete, he deserved to get shot. 

After what seemed like hours, he finally woke up. He struggled to open his eyes but when he did, he looked around the room. He let out a cough alerting everyone he was awake.

"You're awake, are you okay?" His mother rushed to his side. 

"I'm okay ma, can I have some water though?"

"Sure you can baby, come on Robert" She dragged her husband along with her to the hospital cafeteria, leaving Nicki and him alone.

Nicki didn't know what to say to him. "Erm,"

"Come here" Nicki moved her chair closer to his bed.

"I know you know what I've been doing and before you ask how I know, Donte came to see me and told me you got it out of him. My guess is you were with him last night, that's why you didn't come with mum and dad"

"Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't. Why do you care?"

"Because," His sentence was cut short by his parents coming back. Nicki was handed his glass of water and was told to help him drink. She held the straw to his mouth and watched him drink. Suddenly she was full of emotion.

"Mum, c-can you do this please?" She sniffled. Once the glass was out of her hand, she ran out of the room.

"What's wrong with her?"

"I think seeing me in hospital got to her"


Drake had been running her fingers through her hair for the last two hours. She came back to him crying her eyes out, this time he had to be strong for her. She was crying so much, she couldn't tell him why she was crying but he knew she would tell her eventually. 

During that time, she cried herself to sleep. He moved her hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. Her eyes opened and she sat up still not uttering a word with puffy eyes and a pale face.

"Are you going to tell me what's wrong?" Drake pulled himself up too, it was hard since he was still a little weak. "Babe?"

"He knows"

"What do you mean he knows? Who's he?"

"Jelani! Jelani knows that I know what he's been doing"

"That's what got you so upset?"

"No! He knows we're together right now, I think he knows I'm the one that shot him!"

"Do you know for certain? I mean did he say he knew that part of it?"

"He didn't have to! I just knew" She said and broke down again.


"So what did you find out?"

"Whoever it was must have done this before, no fingerprints or anything. We tried to follow the car tracks but it led to nothing"

"The fuck? Find her and take care of it" He quickly hung up when he heard a knock on his door and pretended to be asleep.


"We're going to see Jelani you coming with us or is it still too much?"

"No its okay I'll go see him later, I kind of want to see him by myself"

"Okay baby, I'll see in the morning after work"

"Okay, love you"

"Love you too"

As soon as her bedroom door closed, she pulled out her phone to text Drake.

Baby: You feeling okay? I miss you 
Aubs: I miss you too, I'm better. Went to the hospital to get checked out, they said I've got no broken bones but I should rest.
Baby: I'm glad, wanted to have fun with you but I guess it has to wait
Aubs: Nah don't play, we can still have fun you can just do most of the work
Baby: You hornball. I love you :*


Nicki lay naked on his chest. He held her close to him as she slept. Running his fingers up and down the small of her back. He felt content. He had been with a few girls before her but none of them compared. The phrase ride or die chick was thrown around loosely but she really was his and he didn't want to lose her.

"Let me sleep" She mumbled into his chest. "What time is it?"

"Almost 3"

"In the afternoon?!" Nicki jumped up and rolled off of him, running to the bathroom. She quickly tied her hair up and got into his shower. Trying to keep her hair as dry as possible, she washed her body with the shower gel he got just for her. After drying herself, she wrapped the towel around her and went to her overnight bag.

"What you hurrying for?" Nicki pulled on her jeans and threw on her shirt. 

"I told my mum I would visit Jelani in hospital before she gets home from work which is in an hour"

Drake went to the bathroom and came back out in no time, fully dressed and smelled nice. "I'm coming with you"

"No! He can't see you!"

"Yes! We'll face him together"

The ride to the hospital was nerve-wrecking. Drake held her hand the whole ride. The walk to his hospital room was even worse. Nicki didn't bother knocking on the door and just walked in. Jelani was watching TV when they walked in and turned around.

"I see you brought him with you" 

"He brought himself actually" They sat directly across from him.

"I see you got out" He smirked. 

"Says the guy who got shot and is in hospital"

"Shut up both of you. Getting on my last nerve. So what were you going to tell me the other day?" 

Jelani closed his eyes momentarily and spoke. "I care because I remember a woman came to the warehouse and I remember her voice, it sounded like yours but maybe it's my blood loss that fucked up my hearing" He looked at her and squinted his eyes. "Same eyes as well" 

Nicki stayed quiet for a moment feeling his eyes on her before speaking up. "Fine! It was me! I was one who shot you! It was an accident, you almost killed me for saving someone I love. I never knew you could be so spiteful and try to kill him after everything I've been through, we've been through! What would," She wiped the tears falling down her face. "What would you get from killing him huh?! The satisfaction of killing someone, breaking my heart, ending a long rivalry?"

"I never knew he meant so much to you"

"Of course you didn't because you never cared about me, you only care about yourself!"

"You're my baby sister, I obviously care about you!"

"Clearly not enough! Come on, I don't want to be here anymore" Nicki got up and walked out of the room not speaking another word. Drake followed behind her but stopped.

"I hope you realised what you've done to her" He looked at him one last time before going after Nicki.

Jelani sat back in his hospital bed, letting his thoughts take over. Looking at things from her point of view made everything he did to him seem so hurtful. Imagining her doing the same things to his girlfriend killed him inside. He knew all along it was her but he didn't want to believe it, he was hoping when the gang traced whoever it was it would be someone else. The moment she confessed, it was all over for him - He almost killed his sister. No doubt he knew he couldn't fix what he did, all he could do was apologize and try to get along with his sister's boyfriend despite the feud they have or had. The most important one in the situation was Nicki and it took him till now to realise.   

Drake caught up to Nicki and she was sat on the bench outside the hospital. He sat down next to her not saying a word. He put his hand over hers and gave it a light squeeze. She looked up at him and gave him a small smile. 

"What do you want to do now?"

"I'll just go home"

Neither of them spoke on the way back to hers but the silence wasn't an awkward silence. He pulled up outside her house.

"Are you gonna love me forever?" Nicki asked.

"No doubt"




A few years down the road and things started to get better. Jelani finally got out of hospital and decided to get his life together, starting by getting himself out of the gang situation and Nicki finished high school with promising grades that got her her dream job. 

"Well what can I say about Onika? Well she's is the world's most annoying sister. I know we all say we wanted to get rid of our younger brothers and sisters but oh boy the amount of times I tried to get rid of her I cannot even count them on my fingers. Moving on, I remember when I found out she had a boyfriend. I almost went ape on that nig-, I mean guy. I didn't want her to date at all. I broke that up, she was heartbroken but he was douche anyway. And now, she's about to get married. Now you may think that phase where you want to kill your sister's boyfriend fades away but mine never did. When I met Aubrey, I wanted to kill him" Everyone laughed. "I'm being deadly serious. I even tried to" He mumbled the last bit under his breath. "But we get along just fine and if I'm being honest I'm glad you two are together because I couldn't find of a better guy for her. So let's toast, to Onika and Aubrey"

Annoyed myself by writing a story like this, I wanted it to be oneshot but I was told to continue it. I know this is super shit because I had no good ideas for it so I improvised while I was writing. By the way the first part is the italic part is a continuous from the ending of part 2 not her dream.

16 May 2014

Small rant or whatever

I enjoy writing and everything but... I can never judge by myself if what I've written is good or not that is why I ask for comments which I don't seem to get anymore. On certain oneshots and short stories I don't care if I get comments or not but I would like some feedback on prisoner part 2. I asked for 5 comments which is not that much considering the amount of followers I have and the views I get. So can 3 people just comment on prisoner part 2, I doesn't even have to be long just comment. Part 3 is already written all I need to do is post it so the quicker I get what I want then the quicker I will post it.  Rant over.  

10 May 2014

Prisoner [Part 2]

That night left her scarred.

She couldn't bare looking at the sight for much longer and ran away, running and running. Sleeping that night was hard, not hard as in she couldn't sleep but she didn't want to. Every time she closed her eyes, the scene flashed through her mind and even though she did not hear his screams she could hear them clearly replaying over and over. She knew about her brother and what he did, she just never though he would do something that would hurt her. If it wasn't for her coming home early one day from school, she would have never known what was happening to her boyfriend..

Nicki took her keys out of her bag and unlocked the front door. The noise of people talking rather loud filled her ears as she closed the door.  She walked past the kitchen and heard her brother and his friends talking, being the nosy girl she is, she stopped and pressed her ear against the door.

"...Snatched him right from his house. He did not see it coming. Made it quick though, black bag over his head and dragged his ass into the van"

"And his neighbours did not see?"

"Nah. We were watching his street before we got him"

"How could you do that to your sister?"

"Do what? He had it coming, him and his gang but I wanted him more than the others. Stupid ass, dating my sister and expecting me to forget about everything that's gone down"

"Drake?" She whispered to herself.

"So what have you done so far?"

"Taught him a lesson"


"Been a long time coming," Nicki backed away from the door. Hand over her mouth. Her brother was torturing her boyfriend. She tip-toed over to the door and opened and closed it loudly. Alerting her presence. 

From that moment she was determined to find out where he had him and free him no matter what the circumstances. 

About three days later, she had her opportunity. Donté, her favourite out of all her brother's gang members/friends, was at their home and her brother had gone out for a bit. They usually talked so it was easy for her to manipulate him especially Donté treated her like a little sister.



"What you doing?" She had her hands behind her back and was swaying back and forth.

"What do you want? And stop that, it's annoying me"

"Can I ask you something?" He simply nodded at her and put the cash he had in his hands down.

"What are y'all doing to my boyfriend?" She asked sweetly and walked over to him and sat next to him on the bed.

"What are you on about?" Donté could feel the sweat dripping down his forehead and his palms got a little hot.

She wiped the smile off her face. "Well Drake hasn't called me or text me in a few days and I'm worried so I thought you would know something"

"Why would I know something about him?"

"Don't act dumb with me D, I'm seriously not in the mood for any bullshit. Tell me what the fuck is going on before I hurt you"

His eyes widened, he had never seen that side of her before. "Jay snatched him and brought him to our warehouse down town. They've been taking turns knocking him out and shit. I'm not involved in that aspect of it but he made me drive the van"

"Where is this warehouse?"

"Near the woods not far from here. You can drive there. You cannot tell him you found out that from me or it's both of our asses and I'm being serious he won't hesitate to doing anything to either of us"

"Don't worry, I won't" Nicki smiled at him and kissed his cheek. 

The next day since it was a weekend, Nicki watched Jay's every move. And when she knew he was going to the warehouse she carefully followed behind him. It felt like she was on an important mission but in a way it was. When she first spotted him, he had a black eye and a bust lip. From there on, she tried to everything in her power to get him out of there. She visited him as often as she could and looked after him, she spent a maximum of 2 hours with him per day. As a precaution, she took note of the times the gang would be there.

Back to the current day. According to her calculations, Drake had been held prisoner for about a month and a half now and the torture was no going to stop anytime so she was going to take matters into her own hands.

Nicki had been acting distant towards Jay, he just put it down to her being in her teenage years and her period - clearly he had no idea that she knew what he was doing.

After dinner, Nicki went straight to her room and desperately searched her wardrobe for her desired outfit. Standing in front of her mirror, she pulled up her tight leather pants and matching jacket. A black belt to sum it up along with some high black boots. All black everything. She then pulled a black ski mask over head tucking her hair underneath so it could not be seen. After a quick spray of her perfume, she was done. 

She knew if she went downstairs her parents would ask her a million questions so she decided to leave the house a different way. From the many times she snuck out the house from her window, escaping was easy. Landing on her heels, Nicki ran over to her car and open her compartment, she grabbed the required equipment from it.

She stuffed them in her boots and shook her head before driving off. Fear started to take over her and she could feel herself shaking but tried to not let it distract her. She arrived at the warehouse not long later. Before she went in she looked in the window and couldn't see much but saw a gun being pointed at Drake. 

"You have no idea how long we've been waiting to kill your punk ass. Any last words?"

"Fuck you nigga" Even with his hands tied behind his back he was fearless. It was kind of expected being in the situation he was in. Being in a gang taught him to fear no one and to look out for those you love. Whoever was about to shoot him looked like he didn't want to do it anyway. 

The man wrapped his hand tighter around the gun and cocked back the pistol, aiming right for Drake's head - instant death. The door was kicked open just as his finger grazed the trigger.

“Put the gun down now!” The man turned around and to her surprise it was Donté. She felt betrayed yet angry at him. He looked at her with the gun still in his hands.

Nicki disengaged the safety on her gun and loaded a bullet into the firing chamber. “Now put the gun down and get your ass out of here before I shoot you!” 

“I didn't want to do this,”

"Fuck outta here. You have 5 seconds before I blow your fucking head off" Donté mouthed sorry to Drake and ran up the stairs and out the room without looking back. 

Drake looked at her and was slightly turned on by how she looked even though he had no idea who she was. The belt really added to her figure revealing her slim waist. 

“Don’t speak, I don’t know who is else is here or is on their way here” Nicki used her knife to cut the rope from his hands. “Stay sat down and I’m going to check to see who is here”

“No need” They heard a voice say. Nicki grabbed the gun from her boot and they looked up to see Jay pointing a gun at them. “I see you were able to contact someone to help you huh? But you won’t be needed any help, cause I’m killing your ass tonight” She got off her knees and held her gun out at arm’s length. 

“Over my dead body” Nicki mumbled.

“And who the fuck are you?!”

“You don’t want to know”

“No I do, I like to know who I’m going to kill” Jay said and walked down the stairs with his gun still firmly in his hands. 

Nicki stayed quiet. 

“You know what? Fuck it, I’m going to shoot you and get this over with” Jay’s finger pulled the trigger and there was a bang and thud.

Drake had leaped up from the seat pushing Nicki to the ground, covering her body with his body. Drake opened his eyes when he heard silence. “You okay?” He got off of her allowing her to breathe properly since he was squashing her.

“Yeah, did he shoot you?” He helped her up and brushed himself off. He heard a groan and turned around to see Jay clutching his arm trying to stop the blood. He had been shot while he tried to shoot his sister. Nicki saw him too and crouched down to his level, looking directly in his eyes she said.

“Take this as a warning, leave him alone or I will be back for you and I will finish the job" She then grabbed Drake’s arm and got out of the building. 

Drake did not know whether he should be thankful or not, he had no idea what was in store for him next. This woman had weapons on her already and could easily kill him or harm him with no regret, she just shot a man and threatened him while he was in pain. She sort of scared him but he liked it, she was bad ass.  

Nicki unlocked her car and helped him into the back of the car. She closed the door behind him and hopped in the driver's seat. Once there, she pulled off her mask, shaking her hair out of it scrunched mess. Her hair flowed free over her shoulders and down her back.

Drake sat up in the backseat and caught a glimpse of his now unmasked saviour in the rear view mirror. Through squinted eyes, he said. "Nicki?”

“I told you I would get you out of there” She smiled and started the engine. 

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20 April 2014


He hadn't eaten or drank in days. His whole body was numb from everything he had been put through. It was his fault for getting involved with people like them but he was desperate, being caught was always an option but he didn't expect it to be him out of all of them.

Footsteps could be heard inching closer and closer to the door, soon enough it slowly opened. He was ready for whatever was coming for him, he had had enough.

"It's just me" Her soft voice spoke as she walked down the narrow stairs. She almost cried at the sight of him. New bruises and dried blood on his face and clothes.

She went to get a cloth to clean him up. When the damp cloth came into contact with his face, he silently whimpered. His face was still bruised but it was clean.

"I'm going to make you something okay?" He nodded at her and off she went back up the stairs to the kitchen.

She came back with a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of water with a straw in it. "This was all I could get" She knelt in front of him and slowly fed him then put the straw up to his mouth so he could drink.

"You must have been starving. I should have come here earlier, I'm so sorry"

"Nicki, stop apologising. This had nothing to do with you,"

"Nothing to do with me? My brother practically kidnapped you and is beating you up daily all because you are dating me!"

"It's more than that. We're in rival gangs. The gang I'm in has been after your brother for the longest and I unknowingly led them to him when I told them about you!"

"What has you all smiling and shit?"


"Nah life is nothing to be happy about so you better tell us what's is up with?"

Drake stayed silently but still had the same smile on his face.

"It's a girl!"

"She's just someone I met"

"No girl you just met has a nigga smiling like his lips are disappearing" 

"'Me and her are something serious. I don't want to use her as a quick fuck, she's special"

"Who is she?"

"I ain't telling you thaty'all will be like some investigator finding out her family history"

"We just want to look about for you boy"

"Fine, her name's Onika"

At the mention of her name, the gang were intrigued. "Describe her"

Drake looked at them like 'what the fuck' "Great body, fat ass, big boobs, amazing personality, long hair,"

"What's her last name?"


"...I put you in danger. I rather me being in this situation than you, I love you too much to let anything happen to you"

Nicki had tears running down her face. She delicately put her hands on his face and passionately kissed him.

"I'm going to get you out of here. I promise you"

"Don't make promises you can't keep" She ran over to the window and looked to see if anyone was coming. Luckily no one was.

"I told him I was going for a jog so we don't have much time" She quickly untied his hands and helped him stand up. His hand wrapped around her and he used her support to get up the stairs. She helped him into the shower and she waited for him outside the bathroom to give him some privacy.



"Come here" Nicki went back into the bathroom and stood outside the shower curtain. "Are you okay?" He didn't answer her but pulled her into the shower with him.

"What are you doing?" She answered breathlessly staring at his body.

"I missed you"

"I've missed you too" Pushing her against the tiled wall, Drake placed his hands on either side of her head, holding himself steady - he was still a little bit weak. He caught her lips with his. The kisses comforted her, she had missed them so much. He pulled off her shirt and threw it out of the shower, then he pulled down her jogging pants and underwear. Just left in her bra, she shyly bit her lip at him. Despite he seeing her naked many times, he still managed to make her nervous. The hot water splashed against their bodies as their kiss got heated. His hands moved down to give her ass a squeeze and found the back of her thighs lifting her up. She gasped when she felt him enter her. He started off slowly letting her adjust to his size, Nicki's eyes rolled back and she let out a long overdue moan. 

"Hmm, go faster" 

"I'm going to, baby" His raspy voice said against her neck. Drake pulled her closer to him as he slammed into her. After a while, she couldn't keep her head up and it rested against Drake's shoulder and her nails dug into his shoulder blades. Soon he started to slow down before he eventually stopped. Their foreheads touched as they regulated their breathing.

"Shit! I've got to go" Drake left her down and she quickly put her clothes. She threw a towel at him and ran back to the basement. She grabbed the bowl and cup and quickly washed them up and put them back where she got them from. 


Drake rushed down and sat in the chair. Nicki straddled him and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Moments like that were not going to happen for a long time maybe not even again so it was cherished even though it was short. Nicki got off him and picked up the rope from the floor. 

"Ow" He groaned as she tied the rope around his wrists making sure they were tight and on the right spot.

"I'm sorry. I wish I could get you out of here but,"

"Nicki I understand, I really do. Let me handle this, okay?" Nicki nodded. She stood up and slowly walked backwards, keeping her eye on Drake the whole time. She trod reluctantly up the stairs feeling worse than she already did. 

"I love you"

She turned around and gave him a faint smile and shut the door. She made her way outside and spotted her worst fear: she saw her brother's car driving towards the warehouse. She ran to hide but was still able to see him from her hiding place. He walked in the warehouse. She moved and watched the scene through the small window. They were talking but she couldn't hear them, from their actions she could tell it was a heated one. Unexpectedly a fist came into contact with Drake's face and the punches kept coming and Nicki burst into tears watching helplessly. 

Just a little thought I had, maybe I'll continue it but if I do it'll be in late June because my exams start in May.