31 December 2014

A New Year

Drake: what do you mean you're not coming?
Nicki: I mean, I'm staying at home. Love you, have fun xo 

Nicki threw her phone to the bottom of her bed and sunk back into her covers. Every new years eve, Nicki would meet up with all her friends and go to Times Square to celebrate, but she was not feeling it this year. All she wanted to do was lie in bed and lounge around. She had just found a good movie to watch when her stomach rumbled and she decided to order something. She was a quarter way through the movie when the door knocked. 

"Mmm, my pizza must be here" Scurrying out of her room, grabbing her dressing gown and purse on the way. 

"That'll be $10.15 cents" Nicki not bothering to look at the pizza boy, took the pizza box and slapped $20 in his hand. She turned around and kicked the door shut with her foot. 

She walked back up the stairs. Drake re-opened the door and quietly shut it behind him. He silently thanked God she didn't have creaking steps. She was sat on the right side so he could jump on the bed and that's he did.  

"Holy shit!" Nicki screamed, pulling the pizza box to her chest. "What are you doing here?"

"Spending the new year with my best friend" 

"Aww, you didn't have to"

"Nah I did, so what we doing?"

"Well, I was going to watch a shit load of movies and eat pizza" 

"Well let me get myself ready" Drake stood up and took off his clothes, leaving him in his boxer shorts, and jumped under the covers. 

"Pass us a slice then" 

"Your mother's so stupid she exercises when she could just get like, liposuction or something!"

"Your mother's so old that her breast milk is powdered. You breast-feed like this"

Nicki stopped laughing and wiped the tears from her eyes. "What time is it?" 

"11:55" Drake checked his phone.

"We have to do the countdown, let me get a bottle of wine" She ran out the room with her junk food in her hands. 

"Two minutes left!" Drake shouted. Nicki put the wine and glasses under her armpits and ran as fast as she could back upstairs. 

She put the bottle down on her side of the bed and handed Drake a glass. After pouring some in Drake's glass, she poured hers. "3,2,1"

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" They clinked their glasses together and took a swing. Then there was silence. 

"Where's the fireworks?" Nicki looked out the window and saw nothing. 

"I don't know" Drake finished his glass and flicked to the news channel. "My phone's fast, we've still got a minute" 

Nicki put her half empty glass down and got comfy under the covers again. "And the countdown starts again" They laughed. 

"Countdown time. 10,9,8," The news anchor announced. 

"You know there's no one I would rather spend the new year with" Drake said.

"Me neither"

"3,2,1" Each second her face inched closer to his, her lips pressed against his softly. And she smiled when she pulled away.

"Happy new year babe" 

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And happy new year to all you readers. Hope this new year brings you joy and is all that you wish for xo 

20 December 2014

Driving with Mr Graham

Nicki sat patiently waiting for her driving instructor to arrive. This was the 5th time she was in this position, the final test to see if she passed or failed. She was desperate to pass this time, there was no way she was going to be 18 and still using public transport or getting lifts from her parents. 

The sound of the car door opening snapped her out of her thoughts. "I thought you was never going to come, I've been here for 10 minutes waiting"

"Sorry" A deep voice answered, causing her to look at the passenger's seat.

"You're not Miss Derrick"

"I'm Mr Graham. She's not in today, so I'll be taking over your lesson today. I hope it's not a problem"

"No, no, it's fine" She discreetly licked her lips. She adjusted the mirrors and fastened her seat belt before putting her hands on the wheel and starting the engine. 

"All set?" He asked. A simple nod was given and she drove out of the parking lot onto the road, following his instructions. She could feel his eyes on her every time she did something wrong. 

"Turn left" He said sharply and Nicki quickly turned the car forgetting to be careful. Mistake number 10. 

After that mistake, she concentrated on the road. Her speed was a bit over what it was supposed to be but he didn't comment on it. 

"Red light!" The car came to a rapid halt sending them both flying forward a few inches. With wide eyes, Drake scribbled down a few notes. "I think it's best if we just to back to the centre"

Nicki knew he had definitely just failed her. But she couldn't be sure so the journey back was how it was supposed to be, the right speed and no mistakes. 

"So how did I do?" 

"Not so well. I'm sorry, but you'll have to retake your test" Nicki unbuckled her seatbelt and adjusts her position looking at him. 

"Can't you just pass me?" She pulled her shirt down exposing more of her breasts. He looked at her and bit his lip, fighting the temptation. 

"As I was saying, you'll need to go the office and register for another test. It should take about," This was not going down that easy. Nicki grabbed him by the collar and kissed him. It startled him and he pulled away. 

"Don't fight it, " she whispered. Drake forgot about his job and kissed her back. His hand resting on her cheek and hers running down his chest. Their lips parted and her hands immediately fumbled with his belt. She slid his jeans down along with his boxers. 

She wasted no time. She maneuvered her mouth over him and sucked as she slowly pulled away. She licked along his shaft and swirled her tongue around the tip. She sucked gently on the tip before taking him into her mouth again. With his hand around him, she sucked and moved her hand in sync. His hand got lost in her hair as she sucked and moved up and down. "Jesus!" 

He bucked his hips every so often and made it touch the back of her throat. It didn't take long for him to tense up and come down her throat. The grip on her head loosened and she sat back in her seat. 

Drake pulled up his boxers and jeans and buckled his belt. Grabbing his clipboard, he got out of the car. Nicki wiped the sides of her mouth with her hands, pulled up her top and followed him. 

"You were saying?" She asked, standing in front of him, looking innocent. 

"You've passed" 

28 October 2014

Because I Care [Part 4]

Drake knocked on her bedroom door with his heart in his hand and flowers behind his back. It had been a week since the accident and Nicki was released from hospital with a broken leg and a few minor cuts on her body. This was the first time he was going to see her since he was with her at hospital the day of the accident.

"Come in" Drake opened the door and walked in. Her casted leg was propped up on a pillow and she was watching TV. She looked towards the door feeling his presence in her room.

"Hey. Sit down" She smiled. He sat down at the edge of the bed and handed her the flowers. 

"My favourite" Nicki took them from him smelling them. "Thank you. I'll put them in a vase later" She rest them against the bed since her room was filled with cards and flowers from loved ones and friends. Drake sat there looking uncomfortable and awkward.

"Lay next to me" He reluctantly took off his shoes and did as she said. No one said anything else after that, they both laid there watching whatever movie Nicki was watching before. Drake soon felt her fingertips brush against his hand and then slip between. It was in that moment, he knew things between them were going to be okay. She grabbed the remote with her other hand and turned down the volume. 

"I know you want to talk about it" She spoke not looking at him. 

"I can't get it out of my mind. One minute you were shouting at me and the next you're on the road unconscious. It was all my fault, I should have let you go when I had the chance"

"Don't talk like that. It was my fault, I was stupid enough to argue in the middle of a road without looking to see if any cars were coming"

"But if,"

"No. Can we just forget it happened?"

"It's forgotten"

"Good" She let go of his hand and placed it on his cheek rubbing the palm of her thumb against it then shuffled forward a little to kiss him. 


"Get up, we're going out" Drake announced grooving into her room.

"Can I get up?" He looked at her and then at her leg. 

"Damn I forgot. Where your wheelchair at?" She pointed to the space next to him by the door. He grabbed it by the handles and rolled it over to her bed.

"Can you move to the end of the bed?" Drake removed the pillow from under her foot. She nodded and did so. He scooped her up in his arms and carefully placed her down in her wheelchair. 

"Driving or walking?" She asked as he rolled her out to his car.

"Driving, your ass can't walk" Drake drove slowly after getting them both situated, just in case something did happen.

"So you're not telling me where we're going?"

"Just live in the moment"

Drake later pulled up at a field. He got out of the car and went to the backseat. Grabbing the folded wheelchair and opening it up outside. "Need help?"

"I'm fine" Nicki scooted forward and hopped on her good leg then turned around and grabbed the arms of the wheelchair and sat down. Drake went to his car-boot and picked up his picnic basket with the blanket over it.

"Put this on your lap" He gave her the basket to hold. He closed the boot and locked the car. 

"Did you make the food?" Nicki asked taking a peak into the basket. "Not all of it but I tried" 

There were barely any people there. Drake rolled her over to a spot that was sort of in the middle but it was not too far away from the car or shade. He took the blanket off of Nicki and laid it down then took the basket from her and placed it in the middle. 

"Now I do need your help" Drake laughed and scooped her up in arms and carefully placed her down on the blanket.  

Drake said, taking a bite of his sandwich. "This is nice"

"If you say so" She shrugged causing them both to laugh. They made small talk as they ate. Making each other laugh and choke on their food. And from that day, Drake knew he would never love any other girl the way he loved her or love anyone as much as he loved her. 

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3 October 2014

21 Questions [2014 edition]

(This has been in my drafts for a while) I was reading through all my posts and decided to make a part 2 (if you can call it that) to 21 questions and boom.

"Alright as you can see," Nicki moved her iPhone around her bedroom. "I'm at home right now and super bored so I want to do a Q&A so comment below and ask me some questions" She re-watched the video before uploading it to her instagram page. 

@NICKIMINAJ: I've seen all your questions and I'll make a long video to answer as many as I can #QuestionNicki

@NICKIMINAJ: One question is why are they all or most referring to my relationship? I'm going to make Drake be in the video with me #QuestionNicki

"Aubrey!" Drake ran into the bedroom with a worried look on his face.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine but we're making a video for the fans so get dressed and look presentable" She said eyeing him, Drake shook his head and went into his side of the closet to find something to wear. He pulled on a shirt and some pants.

"Good?" Nicki nodded and patted the spot next to her. She turned on her webcam and put her laptop on her lap, Drake moved closer to her so she could put it equally on both of their laps. She pressed record and waited a few seconds.

"Hey guys so I'm going to do a Q&A like I said before and I got Drake's loser self to join me. This was highly requested and I hate to disappoint so here it is. The questions are from instagram and twitter so yeah, let's go"

"Question number one, what is your favourite colour?" Nicki read and put her phone down. "Whoever asked this question does not pay enough attention to me since the whole world knows it's pink"

"Question number two, who wears the pants in the relationship? Your turn Aub" Drake side eyed her because of the nickname she used. "Mainly me but we tend to share"

"Nicki, how is your day going? This is a nice one, it's been great. I'm having a day off and spending it with this man" At the end of the sentence, she smiled at Drake.

"Ask Drake how big is he?" Nicki rolled her eyes. "Y'all are some pervs but let us answer it. How big are you Drake?"

"Big enough"

"Corny, next question. What was the first thing you noticed about Drake? Hmm how polite he was and what a nice gentleman he was, still is"

"Who's the top and who's the bottom?" Both Nicki and Drake stared at the camera. "What kind of question is this? What does it mean?" Nicki asked and Drake leaned over and whispered in her ear. 

"Depends on the mood and where we're doing it to be honest but most times I'm the bottom. This is the last time I'm answering any questions like that"

"Between you and Drake who cooks? Nicki cooks when she has time to and I cook on special occasions but with our careers, cooking is something that happens rarely"

"Makeup or no makeup? I'm going to assume you mean do I prefer wearing makeup or not wearing makeup so my answer is no makeup. Babe, what do you prefer on me?"

"No makeup definitely, you look way better without it" 

"Thank you" Nicki softly kissed his cheek. "Those ones were from twitter, now off to instagram" 

"What type of relationship do you have? I consider it to be a normal one. I mean yes we're both famous and our lives are hectic but we do things like normal couples. We watch movies together, go out for dinner, have arguments but not many because we have an understanding and all that other good stuff. Got anything to add?"

"Not really but I would like to say just because we are famous does not mean our relationship has limits. I'm used to having my relationships in the limelight but Nicki isn't, she's very private. I think we've both come to a place where we don't care what people think about our relationship because we know what goes on and it's our business" 

"And that's that. Do you get high with Drake?"

"Okay, when I say I'm "h" does not have to mean high. Going back to the question, a few times we have yes"

"What is your eye colour? Brown but as you know I did wear grey contacts for a while so I did trick a lot of you but no, they're brown"

"What can you spend hours doing? I'll let Drake answer this one"

"Going for rounds with me in,"

"That game on the Xbox kinect" Nicki quickly finished off for him.

"They know what I mean"

"Where is the weirdest place you and Drake have been naughty? I was thinking about skipping this question but sex seems to be the main topic. We've done some naughty things in a few places actually"

"The roof"

"Back of the limo"

"That dressing room"

"My studio"

"My studio"

"Wayne's studio"

"That parking lot"

"I could name a few more but let's leave it at that" 

"Do you have any weird habits? Nope"

"Love or lust? For me, love is more important because love last forever"

"When you lust after someone at some time, you're going to love them whether it was intentional or not and love and lust go together, you lust when you're in love but for me, love over lust"

"Some of you are just promoting your mixtapes and your pages"

"Why do you never kiss Drake in public? I've always disliked PDA, I just feel like its cringey and all in your face. So I choose not to but you never know maybe you'll get a public 'Dricki' as you guys call it kiss" 

"Who's the best kisser out of you and Drake? That is most definitely me" Nicki said and flipped her hair. 

"No it's me" 

"Just accept it's me and move on" Drake grabbed her cheeks and turned her face so she was facing him and kissed her. 

"Mmm" She said into the kiss. He pulled away leaving her breathless.

Drake moved closer to the camera and spoke. "And that is an example of why I am the best kisser" He then moved the laptop towards the end of the bed and sat up sitting closer and tapped his thigh for Nicki to sit on which she did sidewards. She moved around a bit trying to get comfortable and settled down.

"Who said I love you first? 

"You'll be surprised to know that it was in fact Nicki who said it first, ain't that right?" Drake slid his hand down to her ass, Nicki was unaware of this since she was focusing on looking for more questions. Noticing she was unbothered, Drake kissed her neck feeling her tense up.

"Drake" She said dragging out her name.


"We're filming" Drake kissed her neck again and moved down to her shoulder using her nose to nudge away her tank top strap and kissed her shoulder blade. "Found another question. D-do y-y-you and," Nicki stuttered trying to not let the pleasure she was feeling distract her.

"Umm we don't have a song I don't," Nicki swung her legs around and rolled off of him. She threw her phone on the floor and grabbed Drake by his collar. "After this, no more for the rest of the week"


"Grizz, I have a job for you"

"Could you edit this video for me?" Nicki opened her video files and selected the Q&A one. "Me and Drake were making a video and it's really long so could you make it shorter"

"Well I'll have to watch it and see which parts I can cut out"

Nicki made a nervous face. "How about I show which part since I know which part it is?" She skipped through most of the video and paused it. "From this" The screen showed Drake with his back to the camera. "To this" The screen showed Nicki with her hair in a ponytail and Drake next to her.

"Do I want to know why I have to edit that out? That's almost an hour of footage" 

"Let's just say Drake couldn't keep his hands to himself"

"Say no more" 

@NICKIMINAJ: Grizz is just editing the video, hold on

"Done it" Grizz played the video for her.

"Sorry about that, what was the last question?" Nicki picked up her fallen phone and checked. "Do you and Drake have a song? We have a few, but I think you mean a relationship song and we don't have one for our relationship do we?"


"Do you love Drake? Of course I do, he's like my little brother" Nicki smirked.

"Nicki, don't start that shit"

"I'm kidding, Drake is everything to me and I love him with everything in me honestly. And just so you know Drake, no matter what happens I will always love you and will do anything for you"

"I love you too" Drake pulled her closer to him and kissed her cheek causing her to blush. 

"And that concludes this Q&A folks, bye" 

@NICKIMINAJ: Sorry it took so long, blame Drake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PloGqM...

6 September 2014

Because I Care [Part 3]

"I'm. going. to. be. late" Nicki struggled to say since Drake kissed her after every word and the bell was about to ring any minute. Her hands slid down his chest and lightly pushed him away.

"Bye" She walked up the remaining stairs as he shouted it back. He went the other direction back down the stairs. 

"What was that? I thought she was just tutoring you" Isaac had been waiting for him and saw him kissing Nicki.

"Spending a lot of time with someone can lead to many things but did it cross your mind that I might be attracted to her?"


"You don't know like I do. She is so pure and sweet and I'm the total opposite but we managed to click somehow. I'm just giving her an insight into how relationships are. She'll get tired of me like Rihanna and the others did so no harm no foul. What girl hasn't got tired of me?"

"That's true"

They headed to Mr Hyde's class, the one he was dreading. Nicki had been tutoring him but over the last two weeks he had been more focused on her. Today was the day he would be tested and he really hoped he would at least pass this time.

"I hope you've all studied" Mr Hyde said and began passing out the quiz papers. "You may start now"

Drake looked at the paper and knew he was fucked. After contemplating his answer for about ten minutes, he wrote something down and moved onto the next one. He soon began to get the hang of it and finished thirty minutes later. He stood up from his desk and walked to the front of the class.

"Finished Graham?" Drake nodded and gave him the paper and turned to sit down. "You might as well, wait while I mark it" Mr Hyde got out his pen and got to looking at his test. It didn't take him long to mark the whole test.

"You should be proud of yourself" Drake took his test back off of him and had to take a second look. He scored 89%. 

As soon as the lunch bell rang, Drake ran out the classroom in search of Nicki. He found her with her best friend who for unknown reasons hated him. He picked her up and spun her around kissing her as she landed on her feet.

"What was that for?" She laughed. He digged into his pocket for his test paper and showed her it.

"Aww Drake, congratulations" 

"All thanks to you Miss Maraj"

"Shut up. It was always in you, you just slack... A lot"

"Ready for our lunch date?"

"Of course" Kristen stared at them angrily. Nicki had changed a lot after she starting hanging out with him. The other day she told her to "fuck off and get out her business", Nicki never swore or was rude like that so she knew something was up.

"Drake, can I talk to you?" Kristen walked away from them so they could speak privately and Drake kissed Nicki before following her.

"I don't know what kind of game you're playing but I will not let you mess around with her and leave her heartbroken. You're a bad influence on her"

"I'm not playing a game"

"Oh really? Didn't you just break up with Rihanna or whatever her name is and now you're all over Nicki"

"That's none of your business. I like Nicki. Why can't you just fuck off and stay out of her business? And if you don't mind, she's waiting for me" 

"What was that about?" Nicki asked.

"She was just looking out for you so still want that piggy back?"

"Definitely" Once she was on his back, she turned and waved bye to Kristen before Drake walked in the other direction.


They were at her house and were watching a movie together. She had asked him to stay the night with her in her words, "Do you want to stay over at mine? My brother is out with his friends and won't be back till the morning and my mum and her new boyfriend are having a weekend away?" It was strange she had asked him that because he was talking to Rihanna to clear any bad air between them and she had said to him that he should be careful with Nicki, her exact words were "She is not like you or me, she will want to live up to your standards so watch out but you should give her a chance because she's a sweetheart" Was she right?

"You're not watching this, are you?"


Kisses on her lips, kisses on her head, kisses on eyelids, kisses on her neck. One minute he was on top and the next she was.

"Bedroom" She whispered.

It was strange being on her bed with her walls full of magazine articles and pictures of random things and her bookshelf full of novels, it still felt romantic even with the millions of eyes watching their every move. 

"I like you" She says between kisses. "I like you so much" She fought the urge to say love instead but it would throw them off and that was something she didn't want.

"Should we take our clothes off?" She shyly said.

"Sure" Things started to get awkward. Did she want him to take off her clothes? Did he want her to take off his? Should they just take their own clothes off? After some mental deliberation, they did both. 

"Wow" He ran his hands up and down her thighs. He was taken back. Before he had said some things about her that he would be repeating again but things were different now. With her hair down and her in somewhere she could completely be herself, no t-shirts or loose fitting jeans, she was stunning. 

She laughed and leaned in to kiss him. He leaned forward to move her back so she was lying down which was awkward since she was sat on her knees but they made it work. With both of them on their backs, Nicki pulled the covers over their bodies. 

"Do you have protection?" She said against his lips.

"In my car, do you?"

"Mmm hmm" She rolled over and grabbed a condom from her draw. "Just to be on the safe side" He took it out of her hands and ripped it open with his teeth. Laying back down, Nicki reached down and pulled off her panties disposing them on the floor beside her while Drake put the condom on then she sat up for a second to take off her bra. 

"Done?" Drake rolled over and brushed his lips against hers. She pulled him closer pulling got onto top of her. Being on top was something new for him. All the other girls he had been with preferred being on top but with Nicki, this one would be the best. They could be fancy and try other positions the next time... If there was one. He ran his hand over her face then kissed her cheek and her lips.

"I'm so glad I met you"

"I'm so glad I met you too" He pressed himself against her but didn't not go any further. "Ready?"

She nodded. "Go slow" She held onto his back as she felt him push through. She breathed slowly and grabbed his face. He looked at her for reassurance to move and she gave him a small smile. He thrust back and forth feeling her warm breath on his neck. Her eyes closed and her mouth moving with the breathy moans she was letting out. 

They laid there in silence. Nicki was laying on her stomach with her head on his chest.

"Can I tell you something?"

"You can do whatever you want to"

"Why do you drink so much?"

"My life was and is really complicated. My dad left my mum when I was younger so she had to start working more and coming home later and it angered me. So I turned to drinking, it's like my escape"

"Do you know why your dad left?"

"No, nor do I want to, he threw me away like I was nothing. I don't care for him anymore"

"Well as they say, someone's trash is someone else's treasure" She said with a smile on her face. "You can be my treasure, I would never throw you away"


Drake opened his front door and was met by a extremely happy Nicki. "I was hoping to find you here" 

"And why is that?"

"Because" She sang. "I had a talk with my mum and I laid down the law and said 'mum I'm going to fucking Stanford and there is no discussion about it' and now I'm going to Stanford but I did get grounded for being rude to her and swearing but it was worth it"

"I'm so proud of you"

"I'm so proud of myself" She jumped into his arms and to celebrate they took shots and headed up to his bedroom. She was glad his mum was working late that night. After the congratulatory sex, she told him the full story of how they were talking about her future and when her mother brought up going to Julliard.

"Since we're celebrating, I got you something" Drake reached under his bed and pulled out a small wrapped box with a little ribbon bow on it.

"What's this?" 

"Just open it, you'll like it" Nicki pulled the bow and took off the wrapping paper. Confused but excited, she took the lid off and stared at it. "It's a flask"

"I know. it's just like mine but" He took the flask out of the box and turned it over. "It says your name on it so it's special"

"I love it"

"I knew you would"

"I love you"

"No you don't, it's just the sex and alcohol talking"

"But I do" 

"Nicki, you don't even know what love is!"

"I may not but I know I love you"

"God Nicki, you're only saying that because I'm the first guy that took interest in you and you feel like you should say it to me but you don't have to" 

"Don't tell me what I feel, you don't know. I know what I fucking feel and I'm going to go before things get ugly and we ruin everything" She pushed his hands off of her and grabbed her clothes that were scattered on his bedroom floor and put them on. She looked at him with disgust and picked up her bag walking out of his room.

"Wasted all my time on a guy that doesn't care about me. Typical" She said to herself. 

Drake ran his hands over his face and climbed out of bed. He put on his boxers and his pants chasing her. By the time he got downstairs, she was halfway down his driveway. 

"Nicki, wait!" 

"Wait for what? For you to apologise for making me feel like shit? To make me feel better?" She screamed at him facing him. "Fuck you!" She kept walking searching in her bag for her car keys, not looking where she was going.


"What?!" She was ready to get her anger out and walked back towards him. "What else do you want? I gave everything to you. Everything. And I got nothing in return! I'm tired of being in a relationship like this. I don't need you or want you. Have a good li," A car came speeding down the street and the driver did not see the teenager in front of it. She didn't even have time to scream as her body was hit and she rolled off the car bonnet.

"What have I done?" He repeatedly says to himself, running towards her. She had a graze on her forehead, it wasn't big but it was bleeding a lot. 

"Drake" She mumbled. 

"I'm here baby, I'm right here" 

"I think I got hit by a car"

"I know, munchkin" She tried to sit up but pain rushed through her and she gave up. 

"Can I have an ambulance please?" He heard a voice behind him say.

He kept talking to her making sure she wouldn't slip into unconsciousness. The sirens from the ambulance sound started to get louder. "I love you too, Nicki" He whispered to her.

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13 August 2014

Young Adults

Drake walked into his bedroom, throwing down his bag. Looking at his bed, he noticed there was a figure under his sheets. He chuckled lightly to himself then took off his shirt and jeans and wiggled his way under the sheets. His head popped up from under and so did hers.

"Am I going to come home to this everyday?"

"Maybe... If you're lucky" He grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to him. She looked at him with lustful eyes. The door swung open with a big bang. 

"Oh shit" His roommate, Matt, burst into the room.

"What do you want?" Drake turned his attention to the intruder. 

"I can't remember but can I join?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

"Get the fuck out of here" Dodging the pillow, Matt closed the door laughing.

"We should have let him you know, I've always wanted to have a threesome plus he looks like he has a big dick"

"Are you serious?" Drake looked at her like 'what the fuck'. 

"Of course not, I can only take one at a time" He couldn't stay mad at her so he had to laugh at her comment. 

"You still got me horny though" 

"Don't worry big boy. You'll still get it, just not here so get dressed" 

Nicki held his hand as they walked down the stairs and headed for the kitchen. 

"Are you here to say you agree to the threesome?"

"You wish"

"My record is 10 minutes"

"That's not what I heard, I got told you last 6 seconds"

"I heard you're a squirter" 

"Who said that's a bad thing?" 

"Okay, that's enough" Drake dragged Nicki out of the house before things went any further. 


"Nope. We couldn't even have a quickie, I've got family over and they're literally everywhere but I've got somewhere we can go" 

Nicki unlocked the door and let Drake in. Drake was amazed by the decorations, there was nothing cheap in sight.

"This place is nice, whose place is it?"

"Does it matter? We have the place for two days if you want to be here that long" 

"The things we could do in two days" Drake wondered around the apartment while Nicki tried to turn on the TV.  

"This remote has everything on it" She said to herself. 

"What the hell is this?" She pressed a button and two speakers popped out from the floor. 

"Please be the TV" She pressed another button and she suddenly felt the sun shining on her. "What the hell" Looking up, she saw that the ceiling had a sunroof. "I'll close that" Drake soon walked back into the room and flopped down on the couch.

"Finally" She exclaimed when the TV finally turned on and turned to look at him. Flicking through the channels, nothing interesting was on. "Still want it?"

"Not saying no to that" 

Nicki unbuckled the belt from her dress and threw it across the room. Drake followed suit taking off his shirt and doing the same. He felt himself stiffen at the sight of her just in her naked glory. She put her hands on his knees and kissed down his chest crouching down as she got to the lower part of his chest and was on her knees. She stripped him of his pants and boxers. Firmly grabbing him, she moved her hand back and forth.

"Not yet" She whispered seeing him squint his eyes. "And if you get it in my eye like last time, I will not hesitate to cut your dick off" She sped up the movement of her hands and he groaned.

"Shit" He squeezed his eyes shut and she felt him shoot out all over her chest and stomach.

"Look at the mess you made" She dragged her finger up her chest, wrapping the liquid around her finger and licking it clean. Drake stared at her in disbelief. 

"You taste good" Getting another finger full, Nicki sucked it off making a pop sound. The sight was making him want to cum all over her again. Once she had cleaned herself up, Drake stood up and threw her over her shoulder. Since he had taken a tour of the house already, he knew where the bedroom was. He put her down in front of the mirror. She looked at her reflection in the mirror seeing his hand making his way up to her thigh.

"My turn" He inserted two fingers making her to gasp and took his thumb rubbing her slowly. Nicki squeezed her eyes shut"Look at yourself" Keeping his eyes on only their reflections, he watched her face screw up.

"I want you to look at that mirror and see what I'm doing to you" Noticing she was about to peak, Drake pulled out his fingers and ran them up and down her folds. "Look" She watched him as intensively as she could. He moved his fingers like he had before with his thumb still working her but at a faster pace.

"That's it" He said feeling her grind against his fingers. Her face flushed while she moaned. Satisfaction on his face and his golden eyes twinkling. "Look at how good you look" She saw her legs with his hand in-between and his eyes looking at her. 

"Drake" She shouted throwing her head back. Her muscles pulsed around his fingers. She clutched onto his arm digging in her nails, she would have fallen if he hadn't been holding onto her. Her body shook as her orgasm took over and a soft whimper escaped her lips when it was over. The mirror showed her Drake bringing his glossed fingers to his lips and sucking. "Delicious" 

Nicki turned around and backed him up until he couldn't move anymore given that the bed was behind him. With a slight push, Drake fell back onto the bed. 

"Go back" Drake sat just a little in front of the headboard and Nicki crawled towards him. Keeping eye contact, she eased down onto him. She held on his lower thighs rolling her hips. Getting used to him, she began to bounce. Drake had the perfect view. Bending over, Nicki popped her ass and Drake slapped it, hard. Having enough of not being in control, Drake sat up and flipped them over. 

His hands above her head and hers on his back. He rolled his hips back and forth, each movement hitting her slow and deep. The burning sensation in her stomach was getting more intense. Foreheads touching, she hooked her ankles over his legs pulling him closer to her.

"I'm so close" Working fast, Drake gave her hard, long strokes causing her eyes to roll back. Sweat started to build on their bodies the faster they worked. "Jesus!" She opened her mouth to scream out but with the lack of energy it was quiet but came out eventually as she came. He soon came too, pulling out just in time.

"Turn over" Drake smacked her ass cheek and all Nicki did was look at him. "I said, turn over" He smacked her cheek even harder and she moaned rolling over. He grabbed her cheeks massaging them then ran his hands down her body and kissed the middle of her back then licked up to her shoulder blades biting them. "Ready?"

"I think" Grabbing her hair and twisting it into a ponytail, he thrust. Going faster, he let go of her hair and held onto her waist. Nicki moved her hair to the side and bit her lip as she threw it back. He loved the sound of his balls smacking against her cheeks along with her angelic moans. His hands coming into contact with her cheeks after every stroke was sending her over the edge.  



Her phone buzzed in her pocket. "Hello?"

"Nicki what the fuck! Why is there spunk in my bed? I told you to babysit my house not try to make babies there!"

I couldn't think of a better title for this. It was supposed to be funny and kinda sexual but yeah.