9 January 2017

Not like this but like this

Found this in my drafts. A sort of continuation of not like this, enjoy :)

Drake woke up to loud banging and knocking. He clicked the home button on his phone and saw that it was only 1:43am. Dragging himself out of bed, he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and went to open the door. He wasn't prepared to see who was on the other side.

"Nicki, what are you doing here?" Nicki who was obviously drunk took another swing from her vodka bottle and lazily answered him.

"I-I wanted to uh speak to Daniel" Her words slurred and almost not understandable.

"He's not here"

"Oh," She hiccuped. "Tell him I called by" She spoke dragging every syllable in the short sentence and turned on her heel.

"Come here, silly girl" Drake took the bottle out of her hand and guided her into his apartment. "I'm not letting you go back out in that state, how did you even get here?"

"I don't know" She whispered then shrugged.

"Alright, let's get you to bed" He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the guest room which used to be Daniel's. He pulled the sheets back with one arm and laid her down. One by one, he took off her high heels and placed them on the floor next to the bed and covered her with the comforter. Just as he moved away from her, she grabbed his arm.

"Don't leave me"

"I'll still be here in the morning, get some sleep" Drake eased her hand off him. He grabbed a shirt from the draw, a flesh flannel, toothbrush and a fresh pair of briefs and placed them at the end of the bed then turned off the lights retreating back to his room.

Nicki woke up feeling ill and groggy. She tried to lift herself up but fell back miserably. The room's spinning slowed down and came to a halt. She climbed out of bed only to trip over her oddly placed heels.

"Shit" She quickly got up and looked down at her slightly bruised knees. "I'm at Daniel's?" It only just dawned on her that it wasn't her bedroom. Noticing the fresh clothes and toiletries on the bed, she brought them in the bathroom with her and went to have a shower.

She descended down the stairs and headed straight for the kitchen as she smelled food being made.

She smiled seeing Drake shirtless flipping an egg in the pan. "I heard greasy food are the best remedy for a hangover"

"I don't know about that but I sure am hungry"

"Like always" He laughed and placed a plate full of oily food in front of her. A quick thank you and she dug in. Drake cleaned away the pans he used and started to wash up, just as he picked up the last piece of cutlery Nicki swooped in and put her plate in the soapy water.

"That was so nice, thank you again" Nicki stood on her tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck and softly kissed his cheek.

"So where is Daniel?"

"He didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?" Drake placed her plate in the drainer and dried his hands on a paper towel.

"He's getting married"

"Seriously?" It hurt Nicki to know that only a few months ago, they were together and she could see herself walking down the aisle to him. She had only broke things off with him less than three months ago.

"Yeah. He met someone, maybe a week after you guys broke up, he broke things off with that hoe he was cheating on you with. They got real deep within the first month, he introduced her to the family blah blah. Then he told me he was moving out to live with her and about two weeks ago out of the blue we were over at my mum's and he said he proposed"

Nicki felt her eyes water and soon enough she started crying. She was devastated. Drake scooted next to her and pulled her into her arms and held her as she let her emotions out.

"He moved on so fast. He's engaged! And here I am, single and wanting to work things out between us"

"This is going to be hard to hear, but you loved him more than he loved you and that's okay. Maybe his fiancè has something that you don't, maybe she's a freak in bed," He heard her giggle. "But that doesn't mean you're not worth it, you just wasn't worth it to him"

"But 2 years vs 3 fucking months. I just feel so stupid, but life goes on"

"That is true but you know what?"

Nicki grabbed the tissue Drake offered her and dried her eyes. "It's a good job I washed my face because the sight would not have been pretty"

"You're beautiful. No makeup on and hair tied up and looking prettier than you do all dressed up"



"You're the first guy that's ever said that to me, thank you" Nicki smiled and Drake smiled back at her.

"Well I should get going. Thank you for looking after me in my drunkenness and everything. How about we go out for a drink?" Drake raised his eyebrow at her. "Alright, maybe not. What about we go out for dinner? Call it my way of returning your help?"

"I would like that"

"Good, now can I have a bag to put my things in and can I get a lift home please?"

"Sure thing"


"I hope you don't mind staying in" Nicki opened her apartment door wider, allowing Drake to walk past her.

"No, not at all"

"You don't mind a spag bol, do you?" She guided him to the lounge area

"Spaghetti Bolognese? Oh no, I love it"

"Oh good cause it was either that or a takeaway pizza" She chuckled. "Be right back"

It wasn't long before Nicki came back out balancing a plate on either hand. Skillfully she placed a plate at each side of her small dining table. "Voila, bon appétit"

"That looks good"

"Thank you"

"I wasn't talking about the food" Drake said and sat down at the table. Nicki tried to hide her blushing cheeks and giggled. She took the seat across from him and tucked in. It was in the first few moments she realised it was a bad idea, she had already managed to get sauce on her dress.

Drake finished before her, but stayed at the table just watching her. He could see her determination in trying to keep sauce off of her. Her curly hair framed her face and was dipping into her food. Seeing her struggle for long enough, Drake moved his chair next to her lifted her hair up.

With her hair no longer in her face, she ate quicker and with ease. "Thanks Aubrey" She said while wiping her mouth with her napkin.

"You're welcome Onika. How could I've never seen you with curly hair?"

"Daniel didn't like it so I always straightened it, but now I'm curly most of the time"

"Curly hair suits you more, I like it"

"You're annoying, I've said thank you like 50 times since you've been here. This is the last time, thank you"

"You missed a bit" Drake leaned in and licked the spot she missed and caught her lips kissing her. Nicki grabbed his tie and pulled her closer to her, captured his lips and deepened the kiss. When they eventually stopped, Drake reached into his mouth to pull out a strand of curly hair.

"Thanks for that"


The toasts were kept to a minimum and the candles on the tables were light to create a hue as the lights dimmed. Daniel guided his wife to the dancefloor for their first dance. Grabbing his wife by the waist, he pulled her closer to him and she wrapped her arms around her neck. the couple moved to the rhythm of John Legend's All of Me. Everyone in the room could feel the love shared between them.

"They're so in love, I'm happy for them. Hope our wedding is like this"

"Nah, it won't. It'll be way better" Nicki leaned her head on his shoulder and he kissed her forehead.

Drinking and Driving (Finale)

I was supposed to post this ages ago but life happened, it's probably really bad since I haven't looked at it since it was first written but enjoy :)

Day 43.
I still miss it. I miss the journey to the liquor store every night. I miss opening the bottle and the smell wafting around me. I miss the first taste. It was always sour and burned but the feeling ignited me. I miss the second and the third and the fourth.. I could go on. I miss how I felt afterwards. So high and free. No cares in the world. I felt... Happy. Everything seemed better. I hated the mornings after. I crashed down. The high was gone. I was gone. The world was different. It was so hazed and blurry. I was out of touch with it. I needed it again and to stop the dreadful feeling of regret and sadness. But things are better now. I'm finding myself. The real me. The person  I was before alcohol came in my life and I have never felt so good. It is all new to me. No beer or vodka even a martini and dear God did I love a martini, could ever compare. I don't regret my addiction surprisingly because if it wasn't for my addiction I would never have met some of the best people I currently have in my life. I would have never realised how badly I was messed up. I maybe would have stayed in my house all the time. I would have never built up the courage to face my fears. I'm ready for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Nicki sighed and closed her journal. She opened the top draw of her bedside table and placed the journal and pen inside, locking them both away with her key. She slid her hand under her pillow and left the key under there. After turning off the light, she slid down in her bed, pulled the covers  to her chest and closed her eyes.

She never was a heavy sleeper even with the alcohol so when footsteps were heard across the floorboard outside her room, she woke up. She kept her eyes closed when she heard him open the door. After her accident, Drake decided to move in with her to check on her and look after her. His lips pressed against her cheek softly and lingered for a while which caused her to smile.

"Goodnight" She whispered and after hearing him reply, she drifted back to dreamland.

Maybe an hour or two later, Drake woke up with a dry throat and thought a glass of water would cure it. As he was going to walk past her room, he popped his head is, only to see her bed empty. Being so protective over her, he searched the apartment for her. He found her sitting on the couch staring at the space in front of her. Chuckling, he went to scoop her up to bring her back to bed but halted seeing something he had feared. Across from her was a wine glass with an uncovered bottle of red. Seeing the empty glass made his heart race.

"Hey" He sat next to her and gently shook her snapping her out of her daze.

"I want you to be completely honest with me, okay?" She could tell by his voice that he was worried about her. Not knowing what to say, Nicki nodded her head slowly.

He took a deep breath and spoke again. "Did you have a glass?"

Her eyes immediately watered and her bottom lip quivered before a tear rolled down her face. Drake pulled her into his arms and she crawled onto his lap. Her tears wetting his neck, one hand clutching his shoulder and the other balled up in a fist on his chest.

"I-I couldn't sleep and I thought a drink would h-help me but I got it and pour myself a glass. It was full but I poured it down the drain. And I came back here and put it on the table, and watched it thinking it would all be forgotten or something. Then I got angry at myself for succumbing to temptation and I felt so ashamed. I froze. I don't know what happened to me, why am I so fucked up Aubs?" Her speech made her cry even more. Drake wanted to say that she was okay and things would get better but he would be lying to himself and her.

"I want to be better so bad! I'm so done with it all, it's bullshit!" She stopped and calmed down. Wiping her face, she sat up. "I read that there is a place for alcoholics to get better and I call them earlier, they said they have a place available so I took it. I'm supposed to go on Saturday"


"AA is not helping me anymore. I mean the first few times it was going great but it kept sneaking back up on me. This isn't the first time. I know when I told you about it  I, we would tell each other everything and I broke it, but don't be mad at me. Please don't be mad at me"

"I'm not mad, just"

"Disappointed, you sound like my mom" She giggled. "As I was saying, I went for a walk at night. It was about two weeks ago, you were working. I passed this bar, and I went in. It had a familiarity to it but I didn't know it. So I took a seat at the bar and took it all in. The atmosphere was amazing, the music was nice. I must have been sat there for a while because the bartender asked me if I was okay, I said I was and I went to order but a guy came and ordered for me. A vodka soda. He got his and we cheered. I lifted the glass to my lips, the drink barely touched my lips and I was hit with all the flashbacks of the previous times I've drank. The bad mostly, it's not like there were any good times. And I slammed it down and ran home like a bitch"

"Remember when I found out about your addiction" Nicki nodded. "And what did I tell you?"

"You told me "I don't know how it started but I want to be there when it finishes""

"Exactly. Your journey is always on going, every step will be harder, and you’ll want to run back to the beginning. But the only one stopping you from getting to the end is you. This is a constant battle with yourself and your body. Your mind could be saying 'you don't need that shit anymore' and your body is saying 'Gimme, gimme, gimme'. You'll make it though"

"I know, I know. That's why I need the extra help and you have to accept that"

The new two days were spent packing and preparing herself for what would be coming. Nicki had made Drake promise not to tell anyone she was going to a centre, everyone thought she was done with that chapter of her life. Lying was wrong but the truth would be worse especially for her parents who had a hard time accepting that their daughter had been battling such issues. Her mental health was improving, that prolonging sadness and darkness was slowly fading away and she was catching up with life rather than the other way around.

"Let me at least drop you off" They were walking down the stairs to the entrance of the complex.

"No, I told you I called my uber. Now promise me, you will not try to contact me. I'll be okay, if anything you're my emergency contact"

"That makes me feel great, thanks"

"You're welcome" Drake left go off her suitcase and Nicki wrapped her arms around his waist (because she couldn't reach his neck). She took in the moment since she knew it would a long time until she felt the warmth of his body. "I love you"

"I love you too" The beep of the waiting cab broke them apart. Nicki grabbed her suitcase pulling it out the door.

"I'm going to miss you, midget!"

"I'll let that slide, for now" The cab driver had noticed she was pulling a suitcase and got out to put it in the trunk of the car. She gave him a cheesy grin and thumbs up as the cab pulled off.  

"The nurse said no phone access till I'm settled but I still want to talk to you so they allowed me to send you videos so hope you like it, you giant- Onika"

Drake shook his head and slid the DVD into his laptop.

The camera has blurry then adjusted and her face appeared. "I'm going to look so stupid if this doesn't even record properly"

She squinted her eyes in confusion and then did a little jig. "I did it! Hey, Aubrey! I miss you! This place is so fucking dull, like look at this" She turned the camera around to show him her temporary bedroom. And she was right, it was dull. The walls were painted white, the furniture was basic and her bedsheets were cream with flowers on them.

"The food is bad, I mean it's not awful so I can't complain that much. It's edible. But other than that, it's good. I think this time away will help me. They put me down to stay for a month so far but it's up for discussion. Hold on!" She put the camera down and she vanished. Rustling was heard in the background and a chair was put in front of the lense. She came back and sat down on the chair.

"My arm started hurting aha. But anyways, week 1 went as following. On Monday," He watched her talk about the various things she had done. She was the same old Nicki. As animated and dramatic as ever. Her hands moving constantly to express the words that let her mouth.

"Tomorrow's supposed to be a bit more chill. Denise, she's the supervisor, said  I'm making progress already. Apparently I had a fit yesterday, they said it's becoming I'm withdrawing. I learned so much about alcohol dependency. Did you know that some people had to put in hospitals because of it? It becomes so bad that they need extra help. I thank God I didn't end up like that. I'm lucky, I guess. I ended up here though"

"I don't know what else I could tell you. But I should go. See you soon, Aubs!" The video ended with her boobs in front of the screen. Typical.

The first week was tough for the both of them. With Nicki no longer there, Drake found no reason for him to stay there anymore so he started spending nights at home. He  was able to busy himself with work and classes, he went to night school to get a degree in accounting. The next 6 weeks went by quick, Nicki still sent a video every week. On the 11th week, he didn't receive a video. It did not worry him, he knew she was busy. What he did not expect was for to be home when he finished his shift at the cafe.

"You took long enough" She walked out the kitchen, clad in a pair of cotton shorts and a tank. Drake whispered wow to himself. It wasn't until now did he see the effects the alcohol had taken on her appearance. She always looked so tired and drained but now looked so refreshed. Her face was makeup free but the natural glow of her skin and glistening smile was all she needed.

"Come here!" She jumped into his open arms and flung her arms around his neck as he spun her around.

"Why did you tell me they released you? I would have picked you up"

"You were working, dummy" She said, once the dizziness had gone.

"True. I like the new do" She had left for the centre with her hair brushing against the dip in her neck but now it rest below her shoulders.

"I like it. I feel like I let so much go when the hairdresser cut it, truly the beginning of a new and happy chapter in my life"

"I couldn't agree more"


She opened her front door with a smile on her face. It was now day 241. 7 months and 14 days of her fighting her internal self. Another successful AA meeting and her spirits were high. She took off her boots at the door and ran up the stairs. She was ready to throw herself on her bed and take a nap, but two wrapped boxes and a note on top of it stopped her.

"So I was thinking, we haven't been out in a while and I want to take you somewhere fancy. You don't have to dress up if you don't want but I do want you to be excited because it's going to be the best night of your life. Be ready by 7 - Aubrey"

"It better live up to my expectations, Mr Graham" She pulled the bow and lifted the lid. Inside was beautiful red gown. She held it up in front of her in the mirror turning side to side admiring how it looked and imaging how it would fit her. Resting the dress on the bed, she opened the other box to find some nude pumps.

6:45 pm. Nicki was dressed and ready for the evening. Knowing she would not be back in time to write her entry at 9 like she had become custom to, she decided to write it now. It didn't take her very long, she was locking back the draw when Drake's voice scared her.

"I see you liked them" Nicki spun around clutching her chest.

"God! Would you quit it?!"

"I've been waiting downstairs for you. You took your sweet time so now it's 12 past but you look great" She strutted over to him and he put his hands on her waist. "Blue always looks so good on you, especially dark blue"

"Hmm, so why did you pick this dress?"

"Well your body is fucking amazing and you should show it off more. Plus I knew this would fit like a glove and I want to make you feel as beautiful as I know you are, inside and out"

"Thank you. Let's head out then, the night is young"

Nicki had been so consumed in her excitement for their meal that she did not realise the car had stopped. They went to the bowling alley first much to her despair, she had never been very skilful at any games and for that reason she put her winning the two games up to pure luck and Drake being nice enough to let her win. Drake held the door open for her to help her out. She took his hand and got out closing the door behind her.  He also opened the diner door open for her and she spotted a table semi out of view but not too far away from the entrance.

"This place is so nice, you sure know how to pick 'em babe"

"You know how I do" He playfully popped his collar and received a blank stare from his girlfriend.

"Moment ruined" Drake was about to say something back to her but the waitress came over to their table.

"Hello, my name is Daisy. Are you guys ready to order?"

"Can I have a cheeseburger with fries and a large strawberry milkshake?"

"I'll have the same as her but swap the milkshake for a coke"

"I'll be back in a few with your drinks" The waitress finished writing down their orders and walked away.

"I never got to ask you about your meeting, how was it?"

"The usual, there were new members today. They seemed nice, I spoke to two of them"

"And therapy?" He quickly said thank you to Daisy as she placed their drinks on the table.

"Repetitive. We talked about you today. Mostly about our relationship and how you've been my support system. It made me realise how much you mean to me and I really don't want to lose you"

"You're not going to"

"Good. I was thinking earlier, maybe we should get a pet. Not a dog though, I'm not ready for that responsibility and I would not like to stand in pee and shit all day. Cats are out it too"

"Those are the typical house pets though, Onika"

"Well Aubrey, I am not a typical girl am I?"

"I guess. So what pet do you want?"

"I'm the one that's asking you"




"Why would I pay to get a rat when I can find one on the street and take it home for free? And secondly, who in the right mind would want a pet rat? Emphasis on rat"

"Okay, no rats. Guinea Pig?"

"Hmm keep that as an option"

"What about a rabbit?"

"That is it. We are getting a pet rabbit"

"Let's hope you don't end up forgetting to fed like that lone fish you won at that fair. Poor fella only lasted a week"

"We made an agreement that we would not discuss Mr. Fishy's death. It was a hard time"

"Here are your cheeseburgers and fries, enjoy"

"Oh my" Nicki moaned taking a big bite and chewing. She didn't bother wiping the sauce from her mouth before she took another bite and dipped a few chips dipping them in barbecue sauce eating them too. The addition of the milkshake, put the icing on the cake.

"No one is going to steal it" Within the first five minutes, half of her burger was gone whilst his remained untouched. "Don't say anything"

Drake moved on from his fries and picked up his burger and Nicki happily dipped the rest of her fries in her shake.

"Do they serve chocolate cake? Because that would top it off so greatly" Drake motioned for her to take another look at the menu which she did.

"They do! Share a slice with me?"

"Will do" The wait for Drake to finish wasn't that long but it gave Nicki enough time for her food to settle and make room for more. Neither of them were expecting the piece of cake to be as big as it was. It looked like they had cut the cake in half and slapped it on the plate.

"You try it first" The look on his face as he gnawed told her she would like it and she did. More than liked it.

"No more now, my body feels too heavy"

"I wonder why"

"Fuck you"


"Don't say it, no matter how much you want because I will bring all my food back up and let it go on your face"


"I'm going to the ladies room, I'll be right back" The five minutes it took for Nicki to empty her bladder, Drake paid the bill and used the restroom himself.

"My stomach hurts" The short girl pouted and clutched her stomach.

"We're leaving now, so it's okay" The pout remained on her face the whole car journey back to their apartment. When they made their relationship official, they decided that having one place would be better than two. They managed to find a two bedroom bungalow house for a reasonable price and in an area that was convenient for them.

She kicked her heels off and brought her knees up to her chest, resting a hand across her stomach.

"Do you want me to take your dress off for you?" Nicki shook her head.

"Wipe your makeup off?"

"That would be nice. Wipes are in the cabinet in the bathroom" Drake returned with the pack of wipes in his hand, he gently rubbed her foundation and eyeliner off. He too decided to go to bed, he quickly went to brush his teeth and by the time he came back light snores could be heard.

"And she gets at me for snoring"


"I think this one might be last"

"No, what do you mean?"

"It's not that I don't like seeing your pretty face every week but I don't think you need to see me anymore. From what I've seen these two years is that, you've improved vastly. You no longer result to liquor for happiness, and you're no longer suicidal. I'm not going to go as far to say you're no longer depressed because as we know, it can come back at any time like your alcoholism but the signs are no longer visible which is spectacular"

"I get that but you make my Tuesdays, what am I going to do for these two hours from now on?"

"What we discussed. Channel your temptation into something new. You said you picked up yoga so you can do that instead"

"I guess"

"But I'm going to be here whenever you need me. It could be next week or another year"

"It's been a great two years"

"Yes it has, remember don't be a stranger okay. Spread your wings" The young therapist stood up and received a warm hug from his patient.

"Bye, Dr. Matthew"

Nicki fiddled through her bag for her set of keys and locked her phone between her shoulder and ear. "Hey baby. My session just finished, I'm going to meet ... and ... at the cafe not too far from here. Have you gone to the store yet? No it's okay, I'll go before I go home. Call me when you leave the restaurant. Of course, bye"

With the cafe close by, it did not take long for to get there and find a parking spot in their car park. When she opened the door, the heat and the smell of coffee and fresh baked goods flew towards her. She sighed.

She scrolled through her phone looking for their group chat.

[2:54 - Nicki]: Are you here yet?

[2:55: Layla] Where?

[2:55: Sophie] That was today?

[2:56: Nicki] The cafe idiot and yes

[2:57: Sophie] Damn :/

[2:57: Sophie] I forgot, give me 20 minutes.

[2:58: Nicki] 20 minutes???!!

"Oh sorry. Can I have an espresso and a slice of lemon cake? Actually, chocolate. Maybe not, I haven't had chocolate cake since that diner date. I'll stick to the lemon"

"Sure?" The barista laughed.

"I'm sure, thanks" She took out her purse and paid.

[3:00: Layla] Give me till 3:30.

[3:01: Layla] Don't kill me! I got my back blown.

[3:03: Sophie] Did I ask you for a reason, dirty bitch.

[3:04: Layla] Don't be jelly because you're not getting any. Ain’t that right, Nic?

[3:04: Sophie] I can do it all by myself.

[3:05: Nicki] Right boo! But can you both hurry up? Cold coffee is really not it.

[3:06: Sophie] I'm out the door!

[3:07: Layla] Getting dressed. Casual or sexy?

[3:07: Nicki] Just get here, I really don't care what you're wearing.

[3:08: Layla] True love <3 span="">

[3:08: Sophie] Fs.

[3:09: Layla] There's enough love to share babe

[3:11: Sophie] I'm here! I think

"Thank you" Nicki smiled and locked her phone. She took a sip of her coffee and looked up to see a confused Sophie looking at her phone and bumping into people.

"Oi!" Sophie saw Nicki's head peak over and wave her hand and speed walked over and hugged her tightly.

"Not, breath-ing"

"Sorry. I feel like I don't see you anymore"

"I know, lovebug. But you can see me for however long you want to tonight"

"I'm taking your spare room for the night"

"There won't be any-"

"I'm not stupid. I know that but how wants to drive the thousands of miles from yours to mine at 2 in the morning?"

Seeing her two friends deep in their conversation and faced away from her, Layla sneaked over to them and gripped their cheeks like an Aunt would. "My babies!"

"I see you made it" Sophie said, rubbing her cheek.

"Yep. Now who's getting me my drink?"

"Only because I want another and I'm a good person" Nicki left the two to get their orders. Layla waited till the shortest of the three was in line then spoke.

"How is she? She never really speaks about the things that went down and she opens up more to you. I want to ask but I don't want to trigger her"

"Eh. She's better, most definitely. Keeping things to herself is her way of coping, don't worry about it"

"I just care about her, you know"

"I do too"

Four and a half hours later, the thriving couple were rushing around their house like maniacs’ making sure everything was perfect. Nicki worrying about the food and drinks and Drake doing his best to calm her down.

"Honestly no one gives a shit about ... . They're coming to see us and our place. This is about us showing to everyone who doubted us that we're strong and capable" Drake held her face and kissed her forehead. "I'll finish off down here and you go have a long shower or bath"

A table full of drinks, every kind but the obvious, and a range of snacks. Nicki had ordered a big red velvet cake and cupcakes.

"You ready?"

"As I'll ever be" The music was turned up not loud enough to disturb their neighbours but enough to hear clearly and dance too. Within the first hour, their house was full of loved ones and all of their spirits are high. Nothing but positive vibes.

"I'm only going to say one thing tonight and that is let's give it up for new beginnings"

"New beginnings!"

10 July 2015

Prompts Galore

Just found a whole bunch of prompts and decided to write something to some of them. 

#1 - "hey, we hooked up last night and it turns out you are my child's teacher"

"Mommy! Come on, we're going to be late" 

"Hold up, pumpkin" Nicki locked her car and ran after her four-year old daughter. She caught up to her and took a hold of her hand. They were on their way to see the little one's teacher; it was just a progress review. 

"And he says I could be a famous artist cause my painting are so good!" The excitement showing on her face with a smile. "He said I should put them in a mosem,"


"Yeah, one of those!" She nodded. "And lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of people can see them" 

"He seems very nice" 

"He is!" Nicki was anxious to see this Mr Graham, he seemed to be all Peyton would talk about. It was clear to see he was one of her favourite people, after her of course. 

"You want to do it?" Peyton knocked on the side of the open door. Mr Graham was sorting through a stack of papers when he heard the knock. 

"Come in" 

"How about you go over there and colour while me and Mr Graham talk, how does that sound?"

"Good!" Peyton ran to the other side of the room and sat at one of the small tables, pulling out a crayon from the pack. 

"You must be Mrs Sanders, it's a pleasure to finally meet you" 

"It's actually Miss Maraj, but you can call me Onika. Me and Peyton's father never got married. Thankfully" After receiving a quick apology, Nicki shook his hand and took a seat on one of the two chairs in front of his desk, resting her bag on the other. 

"Let's get started. Peyton is a very sweet girl, she's never a problem, gets along with all the other children" Drake stuck out the tip of his tongue to wet his finger to flip through Peyton's file. "Ah, found it. She is doing very well academically. She reads at a first grade level already, does she read at home?"

"All the time, she has her own collection. She reads me her bedtime story" She said and they both laughed.

"She has a bit of trouble with mathematics but it's not something to be concerned about, she's not the only one. But overall, very good. Well behaved and well-mannered. No problems in or out of class. You're very lucky. Do you have any questions?"

"Not that I can th," She was cut off by Peyton. 

"Mommy! Look at my picture!" Peyton lifted up her piece of paper causing the crayons that she was using to fall on the floor. Ignoring the clutter sound, she held her colouring up high. Nicki turned around to look at her. 

"Is that a tree?" Peyton nodded, a proud smile plastered on her face. 

"It's beautiful, baby. Are you going to pick up those crayons you dropped though? We don't like mess, do we?"


"Okay, good girl" 

"Sorry about that, she gets too excited when she draws something. She told me you said she could be a famous painter, you've really encouraged her. My fridge is more like her art collection than where we store food"

"A little encouragement goes far, so no questions?"

"I think you covered everything"

"Well it was a pleasure meeting you. I would love to chat more but I have another parent to meet. Here's a copy of her progress report" Nicki took it from him and gave him another handshake. 

"Peyton, time to go" Peyton finished putting the crayons back in their back and skipped her way to her mother's side. 

"I drew this for you"

"Thank you very much, this is going in a very special place" Drake smiled. 

"Welcome!" Peyton turned around to wave realising she did not say goodbye when she got halfway down the hall. 


"Hooray! Hee! Hee! Hee! Peppa laughs. Next time I will stay awake and I will see the tooth fairy! Hee hee. Finished mommy!" Nicki took the book and placed it back on the bookshelf. 

"Night pumpkin" Nicki pulled the covers up and kissed Peyton's forehead. She stood up and turned off the main light, then closed the door, leaving it open slightly in case of anything. 

Nicki plopped down on her sofa and picked up Peyton's file from the coffee table. She skipped through the intro page with all the contact details and read through it. Just as she was about to close it up, a folded note fell out. 

'This is probably very unprofessional, I never got to give you my number the other night, but call me' She turned the paper over to see his number. After saving his number under Mr G, she gave him a call.

"Thanks for not making today awkward"

"No worries"

"And don't think I sleep with Peyton's teachers to get extra credit because I don't. You just happened to end up being her teacher. I don't sleep with every stranger I meet either, I was just feeling myself a little bit too much. And it was my first proper night out since I became a mum, not that it ruined my life or anything. It's not like I was a big partier before, and don't get me wrong I love her with all my heart but sometimes I need a break. I will shut up and let you talk" 

"You didn't have to explain yourself to me. It's all good, plus I don't just give out my number like this either. You seemed nice and I wanted to keep in contact, in a non sexualised way. And for the record, I don't sleep with my students' parents either. I'm glad you called though, I thought it might have dropped out or you trashed it" 

"Oh no. I feel like a right milf, most guys leave me alone once I mention I have a daughter. Best to get it out the way before things get serious because no one wants to be dating someone and going to their house for the first time to see a little girl playing and the woman saying 'oh yeah, this is my daughter'. I know I would be out of there as fast as lightning" 

"You're funny. So what you doing?" 

"Getting ready for bed. I ran a bath for myself and I'm going to relax without hearing a child every minute" 

"Oh, I'll let you go then"

Nicki turned off the lamp and walked to the bathroom. "You don't have to. Being able to speak as I want to without censoring myself or downplaying my words is great. Hold on!" She set her phone on the top of the toilet and shed her clothes, and balanced her phone between her ear and shoulder as she sunk into the hot bath water. "So keep on talking, you had so much to say last time" 

#2- You accidentally broke my arm when you fell from a tree and landed on top of me.

Summer had just come around and everyone was making the most of the hot weather, especially a young teenager named Aubrey or Drake as he preferred. After living in a cold country, Canada, any temperature above 5 degrees seemed warm to him. So with temperatures of 80 degrees, it was okay to say that he was roasting. The exposure to the sun had made his skin burn so he decided to take some shade underneath the tree in the park. He had only been under it for a minute before he heard rustling, no carts could be seen, but he saw something bizarre - two legs dangling down. 

"Oy! What you doing up there?" 

The individual pulled the book away from their face to show herself. Their face seemed to be shaded but the long hair was as clear as day. "Reading" They spoke, revealing their gender. 

Drake stood up to get a better view. "Is the ground not good enough for your high ass?" 

"Obviously not. You won't know how good it is till you try it" 

"I'll pass, but do you want to get down?"

"Oh no sir. No funny business until we are dating" He shook his head, they had only known each other for a few minutes but he already knew they would get along, their sense of humour was the same. 

"How about you hop on down and we can discuss it?" 

"Since you insist" She put her book between her teeth and she swung her legs around so her legs were on either side of the branch and pushed herself up. The sound of a crunch made her stop in her path, she turned around in time to see half the branch snap off and because she was at the halfway point, she toppled down too. Oh fuck, she thought, this was not the way I saw myself dying. There was some much more she wanted to do with her life, she wanted to graduate, go to college, find the perfect man, have her dream wedding and have a stable job to support her family. Her book fell from her teeth and she closed her eyes in an attempt to soften the blow... But she felt nothing. Nothing extremely painful. Her eyes fluttered open to see she had landed horizontally on top of the boy.

"Some people catch fish, I catch hot girls" Nicki shook her head and stood up, brushing herself off and offered a helping hand. Drake took her hand and got to his feet.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry” Nicki pulled a grimed face and stared at his arm. His arm was bleeding a little and was bent in a way that did not look normal, at all.

“Eh, it’s fine” He tried to straighten it only to let a slight groan. “Maybe it’s a little fucked”

“I’ll take you to the hospital, follow me to my car”

“Well, today was eventful” The X-Ray showed that his arm was definitely broken, in two places. His bones had snapped just like a twig. He was given a cast and some pain medication and was sent on his way home. He seemed to be okay disregarding the consequences, but Nicki on the other hand felt beyond horrible. It was bad enough, she had fallen on him, but she also sent him to the hospital.

“Ice cream as an apology?”

“Is that a date?”

#3 - Stuck in an elevator after they fight 

"Onika. Stop being so childish, get back here!"

"Leave me the hell alone!" Nicki stormed out their bedroom and grabbed her leather jacket from the coat rack. She put it on and swung open their apartment door and bolted down the hallway. 

In the elevator, she pressed the ground floor button and rest her head against the cold metal. She closed her eyes, hearing the voice say 'doors closing' but quickly opened them hearing someone enter. 

"You couldn't let me have five minutes of peace!"

"No, I'm not letting you shut me out over some petty argument" Drake had run after her and managed to sneak into the elevator the moment the doors were closing. 

"I left because I'm done" 

"Are you seriously fucking with me right now? What do you mean by done? Done with argument? With me?"

Living on the top floor was not a perfect idea, knowing how long they would be in there and how far it was down. This argument was going to be long. "Just done Aubrey, you're stressing me out. Sometimes it's like I'm suffocating, I can't breathe!" 

The elevator started to shake and the lights began to flicker before they completely went out and they felt the lift jerk. Nicki was thrown to the other side and fell to the ground. Drake held onto the handle bar so hard, his knuckles were turning white. The loud sound of screeching from the it scrapping against the wall filled their ears. After falling down a few feet, it came to a surprising halt. 

"Nic?" He heard her groan and let out a sign of relief. He reached into his back pocket, silently thanking the Lord that he never left the house without his phone. He quickly activated his flashlight and shone around, searching for his girlfriend. He found her in the corner and crouched down her level shining the bright light on her face. 

"Baby? Can you hear me?" He ran his hand over her face and she flinched from the coldness. 

"I'm fine, just get some help" Drake stood up and flashed the light on the control panel desperately searching for the emergency call button. He held the button waiting for someone, he heard the pick up tone.

"Hello. The elevator is stuck, we were on our way down to the ground floor from the top"

"Okay sir, do you know what floor you're on?"

"I would say about 24, we dropped a few feet"

"And how many people are with you?"

"Just one"

"It is just a small malfunction with the system, so remain calm. We should have someone over to you within the next three hours"

"You can't be any quicker?"

"That's the best I can do, sir"

"Thanks" He abruptly hung up and sighed. "It's going to be a while"

He walked back over to his girlfriend and sat down in the space next to her. She moved and rest her head on his shoulder, Drake turned off the light on his phone and placed a light kiss on her forehead then leaned his hand on hers. Surrounded by darkness, they just sat and listened to each other breathe.

"I'm sorry" Nicki murmured breaking the echoing silence.


"No!" She lifted her head and looked at him. "I'm such a bitch, especially to you and you really don't deserve it. Sometimes I get really mad at myself for fucking things up and I take it out on you plus I'm beyond stubborn, it's unbelievable how stubborn I can be. It takes a lot of me to admit that I'm wrong or in the wrong but I know I was wrong this time and I convinced myself it was you which was why I stormed out when I really should have stopped and talked about it calmly and rationally. And if I'm being honest, I didn't even know what we were arguing about after the first five minutes. But bottom line, I'm really sorry" She chewed on her lip waiting for his response. She didn't get one,. Drake reached out and used his thumb to pull her lip from her teeth and kissed her softly. 

"I accept your apology"

"Thank you, and now your turn"

"But you just admitted that... Sorry"

"Mmm hmm" She leaned in and kissed him again. It had been way too long since they had last kissed, not considering the one they just shared. She was addicted to the taste of his lips and to kissing him. They didn't argue a lot but the aftermaths always made her happy. Her legs were now on either side of him while her hands were on his shoulders and his hand resting on her lower back. She moaned when his hands moved further down and smack her ass. Her hands moved to above his head on the elevator wall in the same time he placed kisses all over her neck and sucked her weak spots. They were too occupied to realise that the lights had turned back on.

"What was that?" Nicki whipped her head around to see that the elevator was now moving and was making its way down. 


She swiftly got off of him and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wiped away the tears stains from the tears she didn't know she shed and fixed her smudged lipstick.


Drake stood beside her and innocently smiled.


They were instantly met by a few of the hotel clerks and a paramedic who are all looked panicked and shocked. 

"We're fine, don't worry" Drake squeezed Nicki's hand and winked at her which made her blush and look down. 

#4 - Both are actors/tresses playing each other's love interests. (I wrote this one before as an oneshot without the prompt but never fully completed it)

Her hands sliding down her body, grasping the end of her shirt, she lifted it up exposing her naked form. She felt his lips kissing down her neck. Her hands moved up, pinching her nipple and kneading her left breast. One of his hands was unbuttoning her jeans and the other was touching her unattended boob, simultaneously pleasuring her. A gasp escaped her feeling his hand grace her underwear and a finger rubbing her opening. Her back arched off the bed, the grip on her breast tightening as his hand came into contact with her slit. Wet kisses on her stomach and his eyes watching her move with closed eyes and panted breaths. Her head was thrown back with her mouth open.

"Hmm" Her hips moved to the rhythm of her fingers, imagining his instead of her own, and a thumb circling her right nipple arousing her even more. She spread her legs to give herself more access, moaning in pleasure and desperation for a release. The movement of her fingers stopped. Nicki huffed, staring blankly straight ahead of her. Her hand still in her jeans and sweat forming on her forehead. 

"And cut!" Nicki snapped out of her trance, blinking rapidly. Someone ran onto the set, handing her a wet wipe for her hands, giving one to her co-star too. After cleaning her hands, she put a hand up for Drake to high-five. Somehow the noise from the film crew, producers and directors included, had been blocked out.

"That was pretty intense. I don't know how explicit this film is going to get but I'm looking forward to it, I didn't make you uncomfortable did I? That was my first time masturbating in a way, how do women do that on a regular? That wasn't even real and I'm exhausted" She laughed.

He jokingly fanned himself using his shirt. "It looked real to me, I was getting a little hot under the collar" 

"Shut up!" 

"Them moans were hot though" Nicki blushed, looking away from him. Thankfully, their director, Derek walked over after overlooking their scene.

"You two should be proud of yourself! The build-up, Drake's appearance, Nicki's delivery... Just amazing. Something told me that putting you two together would be a good idea and I was right. Opposites do attract. But again, good job"   

Drake smiled at both Nicki and Derek and Nicki nervously chewed her bottom lip. It confused her that she was suitable for a role like that, her character was a teenager who was going through that hormonal stage where her life revolved around sex. The film was about her character's journey trying to stay on top of her school work, manage a part time job and trying to be sexually active like her peers. It was more of a comedy than a sexual film, but it did have a few explicit scenes that were a mix of imagination and real life. 

Nicki had only starred in family oriented films and children's films, she wanted to make films that anyone could watch. So when her agent told her about this film, she was very hesitant. Would it ruin her clean profile? How would her audience react? Then she realised the change might be good for her. Whilst Drake had probably starred in all movie genres, but was most known for his action roles. Most of his roles involved him being dark or having a mysterious hidden attire. This film was a no brainer for him, plus hearing that Onika Maraj was his love interest, he was even more willing to accept the role. Who wouldn't want to be her love interest? She was beautiful, stunning even. She seemed so innocent and genuine, well that was what she gave up and yet he had not seen anything opposite. Her down to earth personality was a turn on and so was her ambition and work-ethic. They immediately clicked at the table read and had hung out once or twice off-set. 

"We're going to shoot the meet up scene next, you can take a break while we make some changes and everything. I want you back by," He quickly glanced at his watch and calculated how long it would take. "7:10, on the dot" 

"Break! Except you guys" Nicki stood up and buttoned back up her jeans and Drake made an exit soon followed by her. Being made to wear tight fitted jeans for 2 hours were pure torture, Nicki felt like her blood circulation had been temporarily cut off so the moment her dressing room door closed she stripped down. By the time on the clock on the wall, it was 6:12 so she could fit a quick thirty minute nap in before she had to get re-dressed. Since she was always cold, she had bundles of blankets on the couch which she wrapped up in and slowly dozed off. Somehow she ended up waking up at 6:50, leaving ten minutes to get dressed before the makeup artist came to do some touch-ups. She only managed to get her fitted skirt on and her bra on before someone was knocking on her door.

"Um, come in" Not bothering to turn around to see who it was, she kept her hands behind her back trying to hook her bra.

"You wouldn't mind hooking it for me, would you?"

"No problem" Despite realising that the someone was Drake not her makeup artist Grace, she didn't mind being semi-topless in front of him. With the scenes they were doing, they would be seeing all of him and visa versa. His soft hands brushed against her bare back, the difference in temperatures causing chills up her spine, as he grabbed the ends connecting the hooks and eye closure.

"Thank you, babe" She walked back over to the clothes rail, searching through the labels to find the top they had picked out for this scene. Of course, it would be some crop top of some sort like it wasn't cold enough, it had an off shoulder style. "Bloody hell, it's supposed to be winter and I'm wearing a summer outfit, Derek is crazy" She strapped up her heels and with a helping hand stood to her feet.

"You made me forget why I came in here in the first place, Grace said she'll do your makeup on set"

"Oh sorry, I was such a distraction Mr Graham" She said with a sultry tone to her voice that made his mouth water slightly. She wasn't even trying and he was ready to rip her clothes off. Knowing his eyes were on him, she deliberately swung her hips even harder than usual.

She walked outside to her cart and relaxed as she was driven to the other set. When she got there, she plopped down on her seat with her character's name, Talia Coffman, printed on the back, suddenly she has fighting the urge to sneeze and itch her skin. The perks of having sensitive skin. The whole makeup process was pointless to her, most times it irritated her skin and other times it got smudged and constantly needed touch ups. Only another 6 hours before, she could wash her face and be makeup free until it was needed again.

"Nice of you to finally join us, Winnie. Now sit down" Winnie came into view strutting in watching the guys swoon over her. It was mostly became she attached herself to every guy in the school, and was the school's eye candy. Long curly golden brown hair, a light brown complexion, green eyes and a body to die for. 

"Quieten down! Since you love to talk rather than listen to your peers and appreciate their hand work, you can go next. Yes you" Corey Brunett trotted down the three steps walking to the front of the class receiving cheering and woos. Talia rolled her eyes annoyed that she had to sing, she was secretly hoping they would not get picked on or could do it in private and get graded that way. they stood as far away from each other as possible. 

Corey gave the thumbs up to the band and grabbed a microphone passing one over to Talia. the instrumental started and they did a little harmony together. 

"Best friends and lovers, can't seem to draw the line between each other. What is defined means nothing to a brother. You just don't give a damn, that's why I think I love ya," Talia started singing, mostly looking nervous and shyly looking at the ground. as the song progressed, she sang while looking at her peers.

"...We can go to the movies boy, maybe we could hang out boy. Whatever you wanna do, cause I'm down for it. I'm down for you" When the chorus ended, Talia swayed along to the instrumental as Corey began his verse. 

"One day we're lovers, next day we're friends. Don't know where it begins or it ends. But let me tell you one thing going through a nigga's head; Most niggas just scared" He walked towards Talia singing the next part, playfully grabbing her hand. "It feels too good to be true. Every time I'm with you, I'm ignoring what I'm next to"

He interlocked their free hands and she turned to look at him. He sang the chorus like he was sing it to her. Feeling a little overwhelmed, it could be seen on her face, she removed her hand from his and took a step back. 

"I'm down for you baby" 

"Babe, I'm down for you" She sang back to him with the same amount of passion.

"Are you down for me?" 

"I'm down for you" Talia serenaded to him then repeat the line, this time singing to the audience. Together, they belted out the chorus slowly closing the gap between them till they were close enough that the end of their microphones were almost touching. 

"Maybe one day you find some guy that won't treat you like I will. Better choose up, better hurry up. Time keeps ticking, but you're my lover" Talia joined in on the final line. The song ended with them staring intensively into each other's eyes. It was quiet for a minute before a slow but gradual applause echoed through the music room. Strangely they were both panting. Noticing how close they were, they quickly broke apart and looked anywhere else but at their singing partner. 

Their teacher stood up slow clapping. 
"That was amazing. There was so much chemistry, the song was perfectly composed. I really felt the song, it felt so authentic and raw. Definitely in my good books and my top marks" 

Talia smiled and walked back to her seat slumping down. "You didn't tell you were doing a proper duet and tell me why you never told me you could sing like that" Her best friend who was sitting to the right of her said. 

"That's because I cannot sing" She laughed. 

"Lie to me again, bitch" They were too into their conversation to notice Winnie staring them down. Their class was dismissed and Talia shrugged on her bag and was making her way to the exit when a hand stopped her. She twisted her neck to look at the hand on her shoulder and brushed it off her.

"Whatever is going on between you and Corey needs to stop immediately, okay?  Hoes like you do not deserve to have someone like him. So back the fuck off and leave him alone" Winnie squinted her eyes at her, each word becoming more threatening. 

She looked behind Winnie to see Corey looking at her with pleading eyes. 
"Now you can listen to me Wilfred. It was just a song, the lyrics meant nothing to me or him. The purpose of the assignment was to compose a song with a partner and I just happened to have him as my partner. Obviously we had to spend time together to make the song and make it perfect but it's over so you can stop worrying. Plus you do not know shit about my sexual history so don't you ever call me a hoe because everyone knows every boy in this school has had a piece of you. And yes I do not deserve him nor does he deserve me but you have a nice day sweetie" 

On her way out, she took her phone from her bag and saw a new message on her lockscreen.

Corey B: Thank you.

She swiped the message to the left and quickly typed a reply as she walked to her next lesson. 'I did that for me not you'

Corey B: Is there somewhere you can meet me? Talia put her phone away and sat down in her seat, averting her attention back to her English teacher. 

"Michelle, can you read from where we left off and I'll tell you when to stop" A girl with long black hair pushed her hair back and flipped through the book and started reading. 

"She turned away, realizing suddenly that she had been glancing back at him too often. But this day had no ties to past or future-her thoughts were cut off from implications-she saw no further meaning, only the immediate intensity of the feeling that she was imprisoned with him, sealed together in the same cube of air, the closeness of his presence underscoring her awareness of this day, as his rails underscored the flight of the train" She stopped and took a deep breath, looking up in the hopes someone else would have to continue. Her teacher just smiled and nodded at her to keep on going. A quick roll of the eyes and she picked up from where she left off. "She turned deliberately and glanced back. He was looking at her. He did not turn away, but held her glance, coldly and with full intention"



"Read on"

"She smiled defiantly, not letting herself know the full meaning of her smile, knowing only that it was the sharpest blow she could strike at his inflexible face. She felt a sudden desire to see him trembling, to tear a cry out of him. She turned her head away, slowly, feeling a reckless amusement, wondering why she found it difficult to breathe. She sat leaning back in her chair, looking ahead, knowing that he was as aware of her as she was of him. She found pleasure in the special self-consciousness it gave her. When she crossed her legs, when she leaned on her arm against the window sill, when she brushed her hair off her forehead - every movement of her body was underscored by a feeling the unadmitted words for which were: Is he seeing it?" She whispered the last part and stared at the passage, looking blank. She folded her lips and rubbed them together then parted them. Her teacher made another student carry on.

The camera zoomed out showing a wide shot of the classroom and a smartly dressed woman walked in. 
"Morning, can I speak to Talia please?" Talia had her head down following the passage.

"Talia?" Her head shot up. "Could you come with me?" She removed her reading glasses and left them on the desk. She followed the headteacher to her office and took a seat.

"You know why you are here, right?"

"No but if it's about what happened in the library, it wasn't my fault" She bit her lip just thinking about it. 

"It's not about that but what happened in the library?"

"It was nothing, it doesn't matter"

"So your music teacher told me about your performance with another student, Corey Burnett, I think"

"The swearing was all him"

"I've let that slide but," The door opened and in walked Corey. "Take a seat"

"As I was saying, Mrs Campbell wanted me to speak to the both of you about getting you two to compose another song for a private performance for a chance to go to college on a music scholarship"

"Mrs Benedict, I don't want to pursue music in college"

"Well you can take it or leave it" Mrs Benedict shrugged. "They are scheduled to come here in two weeks, so you have until then to come up with something. And this isn't high school musical so no breaking free type song, we have a reputation to uphold. Do you have anything to say, Corey?"

"No, miss"

"Looks like we're down here so you two can go back to class, have a good day" Talia smiled and left the room followed by Corey.

"Tay, hold up"

"You do not get to call me that anymore" Corey grabbed her hand and pulled her down to the hall to the janitor's closet. "What are you doing? I'm supposed to be back reading that shitty book in English"

"Why didnt you reply to my text?" He whispered.

"Because whatever we have going on needs to stop, for both our sakes"

"I miss you, Tay. It's been, what, a week" Corey kissed the side of her neck, feeling her tense up. 

"Well Winnie will happily give you something so go to her"

"I don't want her, I want you baby" 

"Fine. I'll call you later and we can arrange something, no promises for this week though" 

"Alright. But we only have 10 minutes left of lesson left so there's no point of going, what do you want to do?"

"Lunch is next right? So let's take a longer one. I fancy a nice, big. juicy sausage right now" She peaked her out, checking if the coast was clear then walked out and he waited a few minutes before he followed suit.

"That's it, folks. We will resume filming tomorrow, have a good night. Sleep well tonight, we have a long day tomorrow" Nicki let out a sigh of relief, they had filmed for a good 10 hours. She was more than ready to go home.

"Night Onika"

"Goodnight Aubrey"


"You're a piece of shit" She whispered. He chuckled and kissed her, she lifted up her leg raising up her skirt at little more. She kissed him back, running her hands up his back and gripped the bottom of his shirt lifting it over his head. She hissed, feeling him enter her. They passionately kissed and Isaac pulled off her shirt. He began to thrust and she gasped, watching his sex faces. Between the time of her staring at him and his rapid hip movement, he had unhooked the front of her bra. He leaned down and pecked her lips, he placed light kisses on each breast and up her neck. Her nails slowly racked up his back and she cursed 'fuck' under her breath. Talia pecked his shoulder blade a few times and threw her head back, breathless. 

"Oh my God" She groaned and swallowed. "I-saac" She moaned. She felt his breath on her neck and heard his groans in her ear. His face froze and he panted, resting his head on her collar bone. Talia turned her head to look away and ran her fingers through his hair. After what seemed like an eternity, Isaac rolled off of her and she got up. Grabbing her discarded clothes from the floor and sat on the edge of his bed getting redressed. 

"You going?" He now had his boxers and jeans on. 

"Yeah" She turned around and crawled towards him. Reaching him, she innocently kissed him. "I'll call you"

Nicki walked through the door that led to her 'house' and waited for her cue. Derek’s hand came up from the camera and pointed to her. 

Talia opened the door and closed it behind her. She paused for a moment, then walked through the corridor. 

"Talia Brielle Coffman. Where have you been? School finished at 4pm, it is now almost 8pm" Her mother turned around on the swivel chair and pulled the lamp switch.

"I was out" Talia walked away and started to walk up the stairs.

"With that Corey boy?" She paused mid-step and whipped her head around. "Huh?"

"Your headteacher called me and told me about that performance you did with him, she also mentioned a scholarship opportunity you both have. How come you never told me that you wanted to sing?" She trod back down the stairs and sat down on the seat across from her

"I didn't think about singing till she brought it up, if I'm being honest but I will try for the scholarship but one question, why did you suddenly assume I was with Corey?"

"Well I figured you would be spending a lot of time together considering everything"

"Yeah okay, well I'm tired so goodnight" 


Drake sat down first and as Nicki walked past him to her seat, he lightly tapped her ass and wiggled his eyebrows. "With me today, we have Onika Maraj and Aubrey Graham from Something About Him" The interview introduced and smiled at them.

"Hello" They both said.

"I'm going to dive in and ask the question that has been on everybody's mind, how was it like filming those sex scenes?"

"Jesus. Personally for me, I was beyond nervous especially because the one where I'm 'feeling myself' was the first scene we shot. So it was like "Hey, nice to see you again" then the next minute his hands are in my pants" Nicki laughed.

"Yeah, basically" Drake laughed along. "And this was your first sex scene film wise, right?" After seeing her nod, he continued. "So I wanted to make it fun and enjoyable. The first actual sex scene it took a few takes because we were both laughing at each other unintentionally. At one point, she was on top of me and got too wild and we banged heads but it was all fun" The whole time Nicki stroking her fingers up and down his arm.

"The three scenes with Drake were okay because we worked together the entire film so I was comfortable. But the one scene I had with Michael, I was literally shaking and the one with Rachel, I was okay with because we worked together before and it was only minor"

"Now we've got the awkward part out of the way, how was it like working with each other?"

Nicki rest her elbow on the arm rest and put her head on her hand, looking at Drake. "No pressure or anything"

"It was good. This was my first romantic,  if you could call it that, movie that I have done in a while and I was blessed to have her as my love interest. She's very sarcastic and she's very friendly. She's a bit like a machine, off-set we would be making jokes, pulling pranks on each other dadada but as soon as she heard action it would be like she became a whole new person, very serious and hands-on"

"That was nice, hunny. Erm, he's a little comedian so we never had any dull moments. He made me feel comfortable all the time and he always liked to cop a feel every so often. Smacks on the ass and a sly boob squeeze here and there. I would love to work with him again, he's amazing"

"That's good. How was it like singing?"

"We didn't fuck up the song so it was alright. The original sounded better but we gave it our best shot. I feel like I should have rapped instead, spit a few bars. I would be a good rapper, I I could get a record deal with Roc Nation. Go head to head with Jay and Ye"

"Keep dreaming, baby"

"What would you say was the hardest scene to shoot?"

"For me, it was when Talia and Corey finally got together after fighting their feelings for so long and then they got into different universities and broke it off. It was hard for me because I could relate to it so I was very emotionally invested and all my feelings were real"

"I would have to agree. They were each other's first love, Talia liked to believe it was Isaac but i was definitely Corey. They had a real connection and also when a few years have passed and Corey spots her with someone new"

"What can people expect from the movie?"

"Love, sex, a little bit of singing and a roller coaster of emotions"