16 April 2014


He hadn't eaten or drank in days. His whole body was numb from everything he had been put through. It was his fault for getting involved with people like them but he was desperate, being caught was always an option but he didn't expect it to be him out of all of them.

Footsteps could be heard inching closer and closer to the door, soon enough it slowly opened. He was ready for whatever was coming for him, he had had enough.

"It's just me" Her soft voice spoke as she walked down the narrow stairs. She almost cried at the sight of him. New bruises and dried blood on his face and clothes.

She went to get a cloth to clean him up. When the damp cloth came into contact with his face, he silently whimpered. His face was still bruised but it was clean.

"I'm going to make you something okay?" He nodded at her and off she went back up the stairs to the kitchen.

She came back with a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of water with a straw in it. "This was all I could get" She knelt in front of him and slowly fed him then put the straw up to his mouth so he could drink.

"You must have been starving. I should have come here earlier, I'm so sorry"

"Nicki, stop apologising. This had nothing to do with you,"

"Nothing to do with me? My brother practically kidnapped you and is beating you up daily all because you are dating me!"

"It's more than that. We're in rival gangs. The gang I'm in has been after your brother for the longest and I unknowingly led them to him when I told them about you!"

"What has you all smiling and shit?"


"Nah life is nothing to be happy about so you better tell us what's is up with?"

Drake stayed silently but still had the same smile on his face.

"It's a girl!"

"She's just someone I met"

"No girl you just met has a nigga smiling like his lips are disappearing" 

"'Me and her are something serious. I don't want to use her as a quick fuck, she's special"

"Who is she?"

"I ain't telling you thaty'all will be like some investigator finding out her family history"

"We just want to look about for you boy"

"Fine, her name's Onika"

At the mention of her name, the gang were intrigued. "Describe her"

Drake looked at them like 'what the fuck' "Great body, fat ass, big boobs, amazing personality, long hair,"

"What's her last name?"


"...I put you in danger. I rather me being in this situation than you, I love you too much to let anything happen to you"

Nicki had tears running down her face. She delicately put her hands on his face and passionately kissed him.

"I'm going to get you out of here. I promise you"

"Don't make promises you can't keep" She ran over to the window and looked to see if anyone was coming. Luckily no one was.

"I told him I was going for a jog so we don't have much time" She quickly untied his hands and helped him stand up. His hand wrapped around her and he used her support to get up the stairs. She helped him into the shower and she waited for him outside the bathroom to give him some privacy.



"Come here" Nicki went back into the bathroom and stood outside the shower curtain. "Are you okay?" He didn't answer her but pulled her into the shower with him.

"What are you doing?" She answered breathlessly staring at his body.

"I missed you"

"I've missed you too" Pushing her against the tiled wall, Drake placed his hands on either side of her head, holding himself steady - he was still a little bit weak. He caught her lips with his. The kisses comforted her, she had missed them so much. He pulled off her shirt and threw it out of the shower, then he pulled down her jogging pants and underwear. Just left in her bra, she shyly bit her lip at him. Despite he seeing her naked many times, he still managed to make her nervous. The hot water splashed against their bodies as their kiss got heated. His hands moved down to give her ass a squeeze and found the back of her thighs lifting her up. She gasped when she felt him enter her. He started off slowly letting her adjust to his size, Nicki's eyes rolled back and she let out a long overdue moan. 

"Hmm, go faster" 

"I'm going to, baby" His raspy voice said against her neck. Drake pulled her closer to him as he slammed into her. After a while, she couldn't keep her head up and it rested against Drake's shoulder and her nails dug into his shoulder blades. Soon he started to slow down before he eventually stopped. Their foreheads touched as they regulated their breathing.

"Shit! I've got to go" Drake left her down and she quickly put her clothes. She threw a towel at him and ran back to the basement. She grabbed the bowl and cup and quickly washed them up and put them back where she got them from. 


Drake rushed down and sat in the chair. Nicki straddled him and wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Moments like that were not going to happen for a long time maybe not even again so it was cherished even though it was short. Nicki got off him and picked up the rope from the floor. 

"Ow" He groaned as she tied the rope around his wrists making sure they were tight and on the right spot.

"I'm sorry. I wish I could get you out of here but,"

"Nicki I understand, I really do. Let me handle this, okay?" Nicki nodded. She stood up and slowly walked backwards, keeping her eye on Drake the whole time. She trod reluctantly up the stairs feeling worse than she already did. 

"I love you"

She turned around and gave him a faint smile and shut the door. She made her way outside and spotted her worst fear: she saw her brother's car driving towards the warehouse. She ran to hide but was still able to see him from her hiding place. He walked in the warehouse. She moved and watched the scene through the small window. They were talking but she couldn't hear them, from their actions she could tell it was a heated one. Unexpectedly a fist came into contact with Drake's face and the punches kept coming and Nicki burst into tears watching helplessly. 

Just a little thought I had, maybe I'll continue it but if I do it'll be in late June because my exams start in May. 25 exams in one month, can I cry? :(

6 April 2014

'Date' [Oneshot]

Drake was cruising down the street blasting music from his CD player. He had just been out with his friends and was on his way home. He looked out the window and spotted his best friend on her porch with her head in her hands. He sighed and parked his car, he walked over and took a seat next to her.

"So he didn't turn up?"

"No! I'm such an idiot! I've waited for him for two hours! I tried calling him and texting him but I don't think he got them. I didn't want to go back inside because my mum was so happy I was going on a date and now look at this... and me" Nicki kept her face in her hands silently crying to herself.

"You look fine, he didn't text or call you back?" She shook her head and leaned her head on his shoulder. 

"He's a idiot, why would a guy not turn to a date with someone like you?" Drake tucked her hair behind her ear and wiped away her tears.

Nicki sighed and looked up at the night sky as Drake softly kissed her forehead. "I got all dressed up for nothing and I feel like shit"

The heartbreak and sadness was clear in her voice. He couldn't bare the thought of his best friend being so upset over something let alone a guy. He wanted to give her the night she deserved or at least cheer her up.

"Not for nothing" Drake got up and outstretched his hand, waiting for her to take it. 

"Come on" She pondered whether she should take it but eventually did and he pulled her up from the cold step. He interlocked their fingers and led her towards his car. He made sure she was in before he got in and drove down the street.

"Are you gonna tell me where we're going?"

"No, shut up and enjoy the ride"  The subject was left alone and they made small talk for the rest of the journey. They soon pulled up outside a restaurant and Drake helped her out of the car. He opened the door for her and they walked in side by side. A waiter spotted them and had them seated right away, they immediately picked up their menus.

"This is really sweet, thank you"

"Don't thank me yet"

"This 'date' has even started yet but it's already better than whatever that douche was planning for me" They stopped talking and focused on what they were going to order.

Not long after, they had finished their meals and were just driving around the city. The window was down and Nicki stuck her hand out of it feeling the night's breeze, making waves with her hand. Drake took his eyes off the road for a millisecond watching her. She looked so carefree and it made him smile.

Their next stop was the beach. From their many conversations, he remembered that she always wanted to go the beach after a date or have a beach date. The car came to a halt and Nicki looked out and all she saw was the sea hitting the shore.

She gasped. "Really?"

Drake nodded. "Yep. Come on, I've got to bring you home soon"

Nicki took no time getting out of the car and running towards the beach, well trying to it was hard since she was wearing high heels. Drake locked the car and ran after her. 

She was sat in front of the sea with her feet in the sand and her shoes in her hand. The breeze was blowing her hair and she looked breathtaking. Drake stopped for a moment and took a quick picture of her, he wanted to post it online but he knew she would killed him so he settled on keeping it on his phone.

He sat down next to her and stared at the view, both views. Time blew by and before they knew, they had to go. 

"Can we do one thing?" 

"What's that?"

"Dance with me" She put his arms on her waist and her arms around his neck. They stayed in that same spot but Drake didn't mind. If Nicki wanted to dance and it make her feel better then he was happy to oblige. The two had been swaying to the sound of the ocean for a while, not wanting to make a sound.

"Thanks for dancing with me" Nicki smiled and created a distance between them. Drake smiled back and led the way back to his car.

"Thank you for tonight. It was one of the best dates I've been on" Nicki said as they walked to her front door.

"I'm just glad you had a good time, I liked it too. I know you would have preferred it if he was the one who did all that for you but I just wanted to see my best friend happy and not have her dress and effort go to waste"

"You forgot something"  Drake looked at her with a confused expression on his face, she tried to give him a hint but it didn't go through to him.

Nicki dramatically sighed. "After a date, the people who went on the date share a kiss"


"I want my kiss, a real one too" 

"Umm I don't know"

"Please, first my date fails to show up and now my best friend does not want to kiss me. The night is getting worse and worse. Single life is so sad and hard,"

"You've always been a drama queen. Fine"

"Fine as in yes?"

"Yes" She closed the space between them and stood on her tip-toes wrapping her arms around his neck. She leaned into him pulling him towards her as their lips touched. The kiss was not demanding or too forced. They kissed again but this time it was for longer. Their eyes slowly closed and Drake's arms took their place on Nicki's back.

When they pulled away, Drake missed the feeling of her being so close to him. Even though  their kiss did not last that long, he felt complete. 

Nicki looked at him with the same smile that had been on her face since the beach. "Thank you for the perfect date, Aubs"

"You're welcome"

23 March 2014

Stop [Oneshot]

She stared at him intensively. His eyes were concentrated on the book he was reading. He could feel her eyes on him but he ignored them. She moved closer to him and kissed his neck lightly and slowly pulled away waiting for his reaction. Nothing. Her fingers dancing across his chest and his defined abs. He was fully aware of what she was trying to do but he knew the moment he looked at her, it would be over.

He kept reading his book. He wanted to see what else she would do to get what she wanted, desired. He wanted her to wait. 

"Aubrey" She purred softly. Her hand now grazing his v line. 

He did not have to look to know she was pouting. It was evident in her voice. She suddenly moved her hand and laid flat on her stomach. She pushed herself up making sure he could see her ass from the corner of his eye. Drake felt himself twitch.

"Stop" He firmly said.

Nicki was tired of her failed efforts to get him to come around. She sat on the back of her legs and pushed her hair out of her face. She took off her shirt and exposed her breasts. Drake was almost at the end of the chapter when he felt Nicki straddle him. Her hands were on his shoulders. 

She moved closer to his face and moaned in his ear. "I know you want me, she misses you"

She gently bit his earlobe, ran her tongue over it and heard him inhale in shock as he felt chills up his spine. Nicki placed delicate kisses across his jawline. She grabbed his book with one hand and threw it across the room. His distraction was gone.

She brushed his neck with her lips working her way down to the base of his throat where she bit down, hard. 

"Fuck me" She breathed. Drake finally looked at her and pushed her to the side of him. She landed on the bed with a loud thump. Drake pinned her hands above her head and stared at her.

"Next time, you're going to stop when I tell you to"

He lowered his head and captured one of her nipples in his mouth, nibbling on it. She flinched as his teeth grazed over it.  She moaned at the pleasure. He moved onto the other nipple before he licked down her slender body but he stopped when he reached her navel. His mouth lingered on the same spot for a while then he flicked his tongue against it. 

He made his way back to her face and got really close to her lips, so close she could feel him breathing. 

"Do you want me to relieve you of your sexual frustration?"

"Yes" She nodded. "I want you to fuck me"

"Well I'm not going to... yet" Nicki whimpered. He deviously grinned at her and let her hands go, just in time because he pulled her legs towards him and was in between her legs. She was not ready and almost jumped out of her skin. He viciously licked and she tried to escape with no avail so he gripped her thighs to keep her in place. He devoured her. Every time he got to taste her, it was like tasting paradise. He was intoxicated. 

"A-Aubrey" She screamed out. Her hand was on the back of his head pulling him closer to her. 

He looked up and saw Nicki panting. He swiftly inserted his fingers into her and went back between her legs. By this time, Nicki was reaching her second peak. The heat was radiating in her lower stomach and was soon approaching.

"I'm gonna, I'm gonna" Drake abruptly stopped. He picked up his book from the floor and sat back down on the bed, finishing where he left off.

"You bastard"

"Remember what I said. Next time, you're going to stop when I tell you to"

Just a little something till I can properly write something, bye.

1 March 2014

The Morning After [Part 2]

Monday morning came quickly and Nicki was not ready to start her new job. She already had errands to run for Mr. Graham. Get his morning coffee from Starbucks and breakfast from the local diner. The traffic that morning was horrible and she arrived with about a minute to spare. She was told to have everything on his desk by 8:55 and be at the desk ready by 9. When she got to his office, he was already there.

"You're lucky it's your first day" She put on a fake smile and put his breakfast and coffee down. She fought the urge to roll her eyes as she walked away.

"Onika?" He called to her.

"Yes?" She turned back around to look at him. 

"Thanks" He smiled and she couldn't help but to smile back. 

That was one year ago. A lot had changed.

Drake walked into the building and rode the elevator to the top floor. He walked past his employers saying morning to them. He took a deep breath and walked past Nicki's desk. She sorting out some files that were on her desk. Her curly hair was down and she was biting her lip as she flicked through them. Her blouse was not buttoned all the way, the first 3 were not done showing some cleavage. She looked up and released her bottom lip. 

"Good morning Mr. Graham" She smiled. "Your breakfast is already on your desk and I got those papers you asked for. I'm just going through them now so I'll bring them to you in a bit"

"T-thanks" He stuttered slightly and dragged his eyes away from her, walking into his office. He was on the phone when Nicki knocked on the door. 

He walked over to his glass window and motioned for her to come in. He sat back at his desk and she sat down on the chair directly in front of his desk. His conversation came to an end some time later.

"I've finished" 

"Wanna talk me through them?" Nicki placed them on his desk and leaned over to explain. "The top three are for Wednesday and the other two are for Friday. The first one's about a deal you having with..."

"You got it?" Nicki asked. The whole time Drake was not listening to her. Her breasts were practically in his face and he was distracted. He had not uttered a word or moved.

"Mr. Graham!" Drake snapped out of his trance.


"I said did you get that?" Nicki looked at him and saw he still wasn't giving her eye contact.

"Umm I'm sorry, no"

"You seem distracted, want me to come back later?" She stood up straight and waited for him to answer.

"Yeah and do you mind staying back tonight? To help me?"

"No Mr. Graham, see you later on then" 

"Oh and Onika?"


"Call me Drake" Nicki smiled before walking out and closing the door behind her. 


Everyone had left leaving Nicki and Drake alone. Nicki was exhausted, she had organised his schedules, took notes during his long and boring meetings and helped with future plans all she really wanted was to go home but she had promised she would stay to help. 

"I got you a cup of coffee" She smiled, holding up his cup.

"Thanks" They sat in silence. The only noise that could be heard was the rustling and stirring of papers, and them breathing. Nicki felt eyes on the side of her face, she looked over at Drake and saw him looking at her.

"Aww man, what now? What's on my face?" She pulled out her compact mirror and wiped the side of her mouth. Drake turned his focus back to the papers and finished his stack and she finished hers. Her bag was at the other side of the room on his little sofa. She went to put her things away and when she straightened up, she bumped into something.

"Oh my God, I didn't know you were behind me"

"You know that night has been in my mind since it happened. The lap-dance and the strip tease. And I know about your little teases and taunts. I want you to sit your ass on that desk and I'm going to fuck you so hard that you'll be begging for more" He whispered in her ear. Nicki dropped her bag and felt him kiss her neck.

In no time, Nicki was sat on his desk waiting for him. Drake returned and forcefully pushed her legs open. He captured her lips and kissed her passionately. His hand was working on undoing the rest of her buttons and unclasping her bra. She could feel his friend through his pants. She undid his tie and let it fall. One by one, she undid his buttons but soon became impatient and ripped his shirt. He pushed her down and tore off her shirt. She balanced on her elbows and looked at him as he removed the rest of his and her clothes. 

"Sit up" He was back between her legs. She quickly sat up and opened her mouth to speak but the words were stuck in her throat as he plunged into her. Her head rested on his shoulders as he showed her no mercy. His hands firmly gripped her thighs. With every moan, he went harder - not allowing her to catch her breath. Their bodies collided with every thrust and the intense feelings of an orgasm was beginning in both of them - Nicki more, she never had a sexual experience like this. 

"Mr Graham!" 


The next morning at the office was not any different. Nicki woke up and got ready to spend another day in the office. Since she was about 30 minutes early, she stopped and talked to the other employees then went upstairs to the floor she worked on. Drake's office was on a separate floor. 

"Drake?" She knocked and opened his door. He was nowhere to be seen. She had nothing to bring to him today which was strange.

She smirked at her own appearance in the mirror. Her high heels and tight jeans made her curves look even more appealing. Footsteps could be heard so she sat on his desk with her legs crossed. Drake opened the door and was taken back.

"How about we sort out some more papers?"

Excuse my shitty sex scene :x
Thank you to everyone that commented on part 1, I never expected some many people to like it never mind comment (it's my most commented post). Also thank you to everyone that reads any of my posts and views my blog because I hit 40,000 views a few hours ago, which is amazing :)

27 February 2014

The Morning After

He woke up with a start. His head was banging and he had no idea where he was. The sun had not rose and the moonlight was the only light shining in the room. The bed was unfamiliar and so was the girl. All he could see was the side of her face and part of her body. Her makeup was still on her face and her lipstick was around her lips not on them.

"Shit!" He whispered to himself.

He looked over and saw an open envelope full of cash and a large stash of condoms in the half open draw of her bedside table. One word popped up in his head at that moment. Hooker.

Quietly he climbed out of bed and searched for his clothes. He quickly put them on and froze in place when he heard the bed squeak as she turned in her sleep. With one last look at her, he was out the door. 


"So what happened last night?"

"I slept with a hooker"

"What? You serious?"

"I didn't know at first but the proof was there, she had condoms and money in plain sight. I was out of there in seconds when I realised" 

"I can't even say you got lucky and you ripped her off by not paying" 

"Shut the fuck up man"

Drake went to his office and waited for his possible new assistants to start arriving. One by one, he interviewed them and none of them matched what he was looking for. They were all trying too hard and putting on an act, he understood why but it wasn't necessary. He chewed on his pen, thinking about what he should do. A knock burst his thought bubble.

"Come in"

"Sorry but we have a late one, she's not on the list" Drake nodded and signal for her to send her in.

A woman walked in not long after and shut the door behind her. Her dark brown hair was in a high bun, red lipgloss on her lips and silver studs on her ears. She was wearing a dark blue sheer blouse, a black pencil skirt and black heels to match. She shook his hand and introduced herself.

"Onika Maraj, nice to meet you" Her soft voice spoke. The moment their hands touched he took glimpsed at her face and something hit him.

"Excuse me a moment" He got up and left the room. He went in search of Mike, his best friend and work colleague. He soon spotted his friend in the lunch room chatting to a female colleague and drinking a cup of coffee. 

"Mike, it's her" Drake said. He was not even bothered that he disturbed a conversation. 

"Who?" Everyone in the office looked at them. Drake whispered in his ear to avoid anyone hearing.

"The girl I'm interviewing it's her, the one I slept with"

"She's here to get her money you better go back" Mike laughed. Drake ignored the laughter and went back to his office.

"Sorry about that" Drake cleared his throat and begin the interview. "So do you have any previous experience with a job like this?"

"If I'm being honest, no. But I did work-shadow at an office before and I have assisted someone before"

"Hmm... Okay" He wrote down what she said and wrote down some additional comments. "You are aware that you will be in here with me all day, 6 days a week"

"Yes, I am aware"

Drake went through the rest of the questions he had planned to ask and the interview was coming to a close. "Any questions?"

"I want an explanation as to why I woke up to find the guy who I hooked up with did not wait till at least the morning and say goodbye after having sex with me or be nice enough to leave a note, can you answer that?"

"Want to know why I didn't stay? I thought you were a hooker" 

"Do I look like a hooker?" She said with her arms across her chest. Drake gulped and shook his head.

"No but," Drake sighed. "You gave clear indications for me to think so. Money left near your bed and a draw full of condoms, does that not sound strange?"

"First of all, the money was from my last job I like to get paid in cash instead of having a check. I find it easier that way and I can tell if I'm being ripped off or not. And secondly, what is strange about a girl having condoms? Because some of you guys are too big or proud to get that yourself and there is nothing wrong with being safe"

He had nothing to say to her. He left his assumptions get the best of him. She laughed and shook her head.

"Can I make it up to you? Give me your number" He grabbed a piece of paper from his notepad and handed it to her with a pen.

"How unprofessional Mr. Graham" She took it from him and scribbled her number down for him then folded the note a few times.

Nicki stood up and placed the paper on his desk. "It was nice meeting you Mr. Graham", and with that she was gone.

Drake opened the note and was met by a nice little message. 'Nice try, go fuck yourself


Nicki had just had her shower and was lounging around. She was still in her bra and panties. It had been at least an hour since she showered. Her cereal bowl was next to her. The TV was on but on nothing she was interested in.

"I am the definition of lazy right now" She fell back on her bed. Just as her eyes closed, her phone rang.


"This is Hilary Stone, calling on behalf of Aubrey Graham. Just letting you know that you have got the job, he is looking forward to see you on Monday at 9am"

Part 2, maybe?

12 February 2014

To her, from him.

Dear Onika,

I love the feeling of your hands interlocking with me when your breathing starts to hitch. The moan you let out as my tongue touches the most sensitive part of your body. The sweet smell of your coconut body wash mixed with a hint of mango. The goosebumps that appear only when I touch you.

The words of encouragement and happiness that slip from your lips. "Don't stop" being my favourite of them all. Telling me how you've never been this pleasured with any other person and how you've never been touched like this before. 

On your back squirming and trying to escape. My head between your legs tasting you. Your hands reaching down pulling my head closer. Legs wrapped around my shoulders. Silent begs for me to go faster. Screams getting louder and louder. Eyes shut tightly to avoid looking at me. Sweat dripping down your chest, taking a detour around those little abs of yours. Watching you reach your peak over and over. Sucking your delicate skin and watching my marks of passion appear like bruises. Watching you try to catch your breath. Sliding my fingers into you, seeing your back arch in pleasure and pain.

Hearing you struggle to scream my name. Choking on every syllable. That drink that you say only I'm allowed to taste running down my fingers. Your once straight hair now a curly sweaty mess and your red lipstick smudged. A night dedicated just to us two. Passed out under my sheets in my bed. ExhaustedFragile and weak just like a rose, your favourite flower. Last night.

Our last night. 

Inspired by a poem I read in English. So it kinda has a poetry flow.   

10 February 2014

In The Public Eye [Part 6]

After Keenan left, Nicki grabbed her coat and her shoes and went on a search to find Drake. On her way to her car, she called him but all she got was his voicemail.  She drove to his house and after getting through his security system knocked on his door. The door opened and she was met by his housekeeper. 

"Is Drake here?"

"You just missed him, do you want to leave a message?"

"No it's fine" She jumped back in her car. She drove all around the city looking for him, she checked all the places she expected him to be but he wasn't in any of them. 

I never realised how important he was to me until now. I possibly just lost him as a friend, 'boyfriend' and lover all in one day.

She pulled out of the road and stopped her car and tried to call him but she reached his voicemail again. 

"Damn, turning back to his old jerky self" She put her head on the steering wheel. Thinking. A place she hadn't though of popped into her head. The studio. That's where she headed. 

She arrived at the studio he liked to record in. She saw his name on the sheet of people there. She ran to the room he was in and she immediately heard his voice. 

"....You don't even know what you want from love anymore. I search for something I'm missing and disappear when I'm bored. But girl, what qualities was I looking for before? Who you settling for? Who better for you than the boy, huh?" He took off his headphones and bopped to the beat. Nicki had tears in her eyes, she knew that was about her. Drake stepped out of the booth and saw her.

"Was, was that for me?"

"Maybe. I'ont know, I was just getting my feelings out"

"Want me to tell you my feelings?" Drake shrugged his shoulders at her.

"When you left I realised something. I didn't love Keenan, I just wanted to be in a relationship to stop me from catching feelings for you. I've given up. I've been trying to denying it for weeks now and it's not working but I do love you. I'm being completely truthful,"

"Can you let me talk?" Nicki sat on the couch and waited for him to start speaking.

"I never got to tell you how I feel about it. This tough guy act is not me, if you hadn't noticed. . Now let me be honest. All the rappers are real niggas, act tough and have hoes and bitches. I've never been like that so I put on that act and people started to see me differently. I started to like it then you came along. When we first met I was rude as fuck towards you and I never apologised so here's my apology. Awards night I saw you differently. You looked beautiful, you always do but you were beyond it that night. Just before we had sex, I looked at you and felt something and before you start, no it was not my dick rising. In that moment, I knew that I liked you more than I was letting off. You changed me. Made me be real to you and myself. When we went to Canada to see my mum, she said that you were the favourite girl I've ever brought home and she genuinely loves you, that does not happen much. I just wanted you to know that"

"I never knew. That was about me right? The song?"

"For you, and about you" Nicki felt butterflies in her stomach. Drake pulled her up from the couch making her stand in front of him. "Tell me who do you want?"

He backed her in the wall. Her back hit the coloured concrete and her breathing hitched. He looked into her eyes. "Who do you want?"



There they were again. Back in the room that started it all. A room with a great room painted blandly in crystal white paint. But it was different. Not as many people were there, just Wayne and Mark. It made them both nervous - fearful. Drake could see the scares on her face, he placed his hand on her thigh and she looked at him calming down a little and smiled.

"Here we are again" Mark started off. They said their hi's and got down to business after him and Wayne said on the two seats directly across from them. "I think you knew why you're here"

"So everything is going to plan. Nicki's album went straight to number 2 then number 1 in four weeks," Nicki smiled as they all clapped for her. "Drake's album was successful. And to top it all off both of you have Grammy nominations!"

"Where's the champagne?"

"Not yet. So with all of that, there is no need for you two to date anymore. You both knew it would have to end eventually, it shouldn't be a surprise. And I did say a year max but you two really pulled this one off and should be proud of yourselves. Anyways here's the break up plan" Mark began.

"Nicki, you have that big MTV interview to premiere moment 4 life. That will be the perfect time to announce the break up. And sorry that you're going to be the one to do it but that's just the way it goes, well your schedule goes. They are bound to ask you about Drake and when they do or ask about your relationship this is what you say," Wayne continued. They went on explaining every last detail about the plan.

"Finally, you have to break up all communication. Private phone calls and video-chats are allowed but otherwise no. No hanging out, no meals out together, no nothing. Are you both okay with this?"

Nicki and Drake looked at each other and lifted up their hands from under the table, showing they were holding hands. They both knew something was up, they were never like that before.

"No, we're not okay about this. Who are you to break up my relationship?" Drake said.

"Wait you two are,"

"Yes, do you have a problem?" Nicki questioned, eyeing both of them. Her brown eyes seemed to pierce into theirs, she was able to give looks that could kill, Mark had already experienced one and knew not to say anything,

Wayne was secretly terrified and threw his hands up in defense. "No problem at all"


Almost 3 years later.

"On Sunday, hip-hop's power couple Nicki Minaj and Drake showed out at the awards. Together they managed to get 6 awards. And I have one of them with me today, everyone welcome Nicki Minaj" Nicki walked out waving to the screaming audience and strutted over to Ellen to give her a hug. 

"So happy that you're here" They both sat down.

"Thank you for having me"

"Sunday must have been a great day for you"

"It really was, it's still scary going to award shows for me anyway. I still remember my first award show, I was sh-, pooping myself for it honestly and Drake's crazy ass tried to help me but it didn't work"

At the mention of Drake's name the crowd ooh'd and clapped. Nicki tried to hid the smile that was creeping on her face.

"How are you and Drake?"

"Good. really good actually"

"Since I know you all have questions for Nicki and you like to get your fans involved in your career, so how about we have some questions from the fans?"

"Alright, first question. You in the green top" She was handed a microphone and she asked her question. 

"Hi Nicki, so what I want to know is how do you keep so humble being in the industry?"

"That is a great question, hmm from the beginning I promised myself that I would enter and leave the industry being the same person. I have never been arrogant or anything, I think that answers your question"

"How did you celebrate your winnings?"

"This is going to sound so boring but I got home, drank a glass of champagne and went to bed"

"As Drake is famous too, do you ever feel like you have to do better than him?"

"Funny you ask that because I was thinking about that the other day, I still see myself as just starting my career and I think people are still getting used to me. Back to the question, I don't really I'm just doing me and if I do end up doing better than him I will rub it in his face" Nicki answered and the room erupted in laughter. 

"Last 2 questions"

"Okay. We know that Drake is currently on tour, do you miss him?"

"Like crazy, we are with each other all the time. Luckily he had a few days off so he could come to the awards. He went back last night actually. I do miss his company most definitely, I don't know how I'm going to be like by the end of his tour. Home isn't the same without him" 

"You just said you miss him, am I right?" Ellen asked and Nicki nodded. "I have something that might help you"

One of Ellen's crew member came through with a big bear with a picture of Drake attached to the face.

"Aww thank you, it's so cute"

"Squeeze it" Nicki did and Drake's voice echoed through the studio. "I love you baby" 

"How did you get his voice in the bear?" 

"Technology, it's a great thing. So back to the awards, I noticed a ring on your finger" On the screen behind them was a zoomed in picture of her ring finger with a beautiful diamond ring.

Nicki silently cursed herself for wearing it and then looked down and noticed she was still wearing it. "Are you and Drake engaged?"

Nicki bit her lip and stayed quiet for a minute, debating if she should tell the truth or lie. Ellen and the audience were desperately waiting for her answer, it was evident on their faces. She looked around and breathed.


That's it, it's done. Sorry for the cheesiness too.