12 April 2015

Day in

She stared at the view in front of her, the side view of her boyfriend. He looked so peaceful. She softly kissed across his jaw line. With no movement from him, she kissed his cheek a couple of times. Unknowingly to her, he was awake the whole time and turned his face so she kissed him instead. Feeling his lips touch hers, she closed her eyes and slowly smiled. 

"Morning" She said softly. 

"Good morning sweetheart" Drake pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms around her. The warmth of his body radiating against her body was enough to make her snuggle into him and fall back asleep but that was not going to happen since she had planned the day for them.

"Nuh uh, we have things to do" She moved his hands and rolled out of bed. "And on't think of going back to sleep, I said we not I"

He followed her into the bathroom and they brushed their teeth and showered together. 

Towel securely around her, Nicki opened their wardrobe doors and scanned around for something to wear after putting on her lingerie. She noticed one of Drake's hoodies about to fall off its hanger. Deciding She would wear it, she pulled it off of the hanger and pulled the material over her head, slipping her arms through the sleeves. Quickly straightening it out and bringing her hair up into a messy bun, Nicki walked out back into the bedroom and went to the kitchen, knowing Drake wouldn't be ready for a while. She knew he would wake up if he smelt her cooking so she cracked two eggs on the side of the pan and opened them. it wasn't long before hands sneaked around her waist and she was thrusted forward. 

"Babe?" She was humped from different directions.  "If you're not going to help, sit down" She served two plates of sunny sides up and toast. With Nicki finishing first, she change her clothes and left the cleaning up to Drake which he didn't mind. He walked up the stairs and heard Nicki singing from one of the spare rooms. 

"...my place, my heart is away. All I can think of is, we should get married. We should get married," 

"Just wait on it" Drake said causing her to stop and turn around and smile at him. She looked so cute in her baggy dungarees with purple paint smudged across her cheek. Drake walked over to her and licked his thumb wiping it off. 

"So is this what we're doing today?" 

"And more but mainly this. So grab a paint brush and get to work" He started painting the wall opposite her. He painted half of the wall and sat down on the plastic sheet that was on the floor. Nicki was too focussed to notice that he was now sitting on the floor and had stopped working so he grabbed the paint can, coated his brush in the paint and whipped it back sending the paint flying.

"Oh. My. God" She slowly turned around with a shocked expression on her face and Drake laughed knowing it had hit her. And again, she had managed to paint part of her face. If it wasn't for the sheets on the floor, the carpet would have been ruined and Nicki would have killed Drake literally.

"You little shit" Nicki said before flinging her paint brush back letting the paint hit his face and laughed. He had to laugh too, her laugh was infectious but the laughter didn't last for long. Drake straightened his face and squinted his eyes at her. "Baby girl, you shouldn't have done that"

"I'm shaking in my boots" She mocked and went back to painting the wall. Big mistake. The moment she did, Drake threw the contents of his paint can at her. 

She didn't have time to get him back because another large splodge of paint hit her front. Now one side of her was purple and the other side was green and her nicely painted wall ruined, all within a matter of five minutes. 

"Candid moment" Drake grabbed his iphone out of his backpocket and snapped a picture of her with a small frown on her face and her arms across her chest. 

Champagnepapi: My work of art. 

5 March 2015


Today was the first day of her Pinkprint tour and she was in Sweden. The show was great and hearing her fans sing the lyrics back to the songs she had worked so hard on put her in the best mood. All the dancing made her hot and sweaty so she had a shower and was on her way to get dressed when she caught herself in the mirror and an idea popped into her head. She grabbed her phone from its charger and opened up her camera, loosing her towel so it partly covered her and snapped a photo. Her and technology were not as acquainted as they should be. Knowing someone could walk in at any given moment, Nicki quickly scrolled down her contact list and sent the picture to her boyfriend with the message 'missing you...'  

Afterwards, she threw her phone on the bed and pulled on her thong and shirt. She had expected him to reply immediately like he normally did, but he didn't and she was confused. She ended up watching one of the Swedish shows, not understanding a word that was being said waiting for a reply. 

Over in a another part of the world, Drake was chilling at his Toronto home. He had book a studio session for 7pm so he was waiting till he could set off. It hit 6:30 so he decided he should be on his way, just as he was about to turn on the engine his pocket vibrated. His face screwed up seeing that he had a picture received from Nicki, he mentally went through the possibilities of what picture she could have sent him but he still did not have a clue. He unlocked his phone and opened the message. The moment he could see the small version of the picture, his eyes widened. He clicked the image making it take over his screen. He was now looking at a naked photo of his friend and he was more turned on than he had been before by her. He returned to the message conversation to see that she had sent another picture, this time she was now lying on her stomach with her ass showing and a finger in her mouth. 

Nicki: Do you miss me now? 

He chuckled to himself taking a last look at the pictures before typing a reply to her. 

Drizzy: Of course I do but I don't think you meant to send these to me. 

Nicki opened the text ready to curse his ass off for making her wait so long for a reply until she saw the recipient. Holy shit. She knew saving his name as daddy was a bad idea. 

Nicki: Omg. Please tell me you didn't look at them. 

Drake wasn't surprised he knew she would never send pictures like that to him.

Drizzy: He's a lucky man. You look amazing. 

Then he regretted the text. She did mean to send it to her boyfriend so obviously she wouldn't want him to be looking at such prerogative pictures of her. Even more so under the circumstances.

Nicki: Thanks, I guess.

Drizzy: Your smile is even better though.

Nicki had to smile. He always knew how to make a bad situation good. That's something she loved about him. She sent him a picture of her smiling, this time only her top half was showing. 

Drizzy: See, beautiful. 

Nicki: Oh no, you have to send me one too. 

By this time, Drake had arrived at the studio and was in the toilet. Seeing her text, he pulled off his shirt and smiled for the mirror selfie. He instantly put his shirt back on once he saw that it had sent. 

Nicki: Looks like someone's been working out ;) 

Drizzy: Could say the same about you. 

Feeling horny and sexually frustrated, she decided to take a picture just for him. She knew he would like it. She laid on her back and took a picture of herself from the waist down. 

Nicki: You can save this one :) 

Drizzy: Stop fucking teasing me. 

Nicki smirked to herself and decided to anger him a little bit more. She lifted up her shirt until it rest just above her boobs and slide her thong down so it rested below her hip bone. The photo showed enough to taunt him but left something for his imagination. 

Nicki: It's not teasing if you can have me. 

Drizzy: But... 

Nicki: Fuck him. I want you right now. 

"Yo, you haven't done anything since you came. You booked this session for two hours and time's almost over. What's wrong?" 

"Just got a lot on my mind. I'm going to get going"

"Ight, hit me up when you're ready" 

Drizzy: Where are you?

Nicki: Stockholm. 

Drizzy: That's it, I'm flying out to you. I'll be at your next destination when you get there. 

He didn't get a text back but he knew she read it. The next morning, Nicki's tour bus pulled up outside her hotel. It had been a long day for her and she was looking forward to get a good few hours of sleep in before they had to go to the venue. Just as she stepped off the bus with her luggage, she saw a taxi pull up and out walked Drake. He grabbed his small suitcase from the trunk and tipped the driver. 

"You lied, I got here before you" 

"Shut up" He smiled. Luckily for them, her fans hadn't found out what hotel she was staying at so there was no crowd that could see them together. He followed her and her crew inside. 

"Good afternoon Miss Minaj. We have the presidential suite ready for you" 

"Thank you" The hotel staff quickly came and took his and her luggage. In the elevator up to her room, Nicki and Drake kept stealing glances at each other. 

"We hope the room is what you wanted" Nicki smiled and closed the doors behind them. Then they were alone and Nicki pushed Drake against the door and attacked his lips. 

"Don't worry, I'm all yours" She whispered and kissed him again. 

22 February 2015

He Doesn't Love Me Anymore

Ever since her breakup from her last boyfriend, everyone was trying to hook up with her except the one she was hoping would try again. Yes, again. She was always in a relationship so he could never get her but now he had time. She had been available for a good two years now.

Nicki had taken time to really reflect and understand herself, it did take her a while but she felt like once she truly knew herself then others would understand her more.

"What a surprise"

"A nice one, right? I hope it's not a bad time. I thought we could hang out, I have some drinks and food and a bunch of movies"

"Course, course. Come in" Drake opened the door wider to let her in and she wobbled in trying not to drop the heavy bag. She headed straight to his kitchen to empty the contents and he walked in after her to see two crates of Myx Moscato, a bottle of red wine, packets of cheetos, popcorn, bags of sweets and bars of chocolate.

"Are you hungry or something?"

"Nope but movies make me want to eat and what's a movie date without food?" He choked on her saying date, was she implying something?

"I agree, I agree. So which one are we watching?"

"Whichever one you want us to watch, it's your house and I'm the guest" She smiled. Drake moved past her and looked through her collection. "Poetic Justice, huh? We'll watch that"

"You go set up the film and I'll bring in the food" Nicki strutted off, swaying her hips more than usual to try and catch his attention. Drake grabbed two packets of hot cheetos, popcorn, filled two bowls with a mixture of sweets and chocolate, two bottles of myx, two glasses for the wine and put them on a tray.

"It's starting!" Drake hurried in and put the tray on the table. All the way through the movie, they laughed and discussed their lives and each other. Nicki ended up being caught in the heat of the moment and made a move on him. Unexpectedly the love was not returned and she was lightly pushed back.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"Yes. You cannot just expect to kiss me and for us to magically be together"

"I thought this was what you wanted"

"I waited for you, you know. 8 fucking years. I watched you with Safaree and saw that relationship crumble. And you had me thinking that we could be together when it was all over then you're with Meek. I couldn't wait any longer, Onika"

"I'm sorry?"

"I had to move on" He told her, his eyes never leaving hers. Her face expressed her shock but she kept quiet. "I, I don't love you anymore" 

"You didn't expect him to wait on you forever, did you?"

16 February 2015


Nicki sat up reaching upwards and pulled the cord on her switch. She made sure her eye-mask was securely over her eyes and laid back down getting comfy in her sheets. She was almost drifting to sleep when she heard footsteps in the hall. Not bothering to take off her blindfold, she got out of bed to follow the noise. She was close to whoever it was, she could tell since the footsteps sounded louder than before. 


"Anyone there?"

Suddenly she was backed into the wall and a hand flew over her mouth. Not sure where to be relieved or not that she couldn't see who it was but she knew not to scream. 

"You're going to like this" The voice whispered. It was a man.

Both of her hands were grabbed and held above her head. The hand moved from her mouth and ran down her neck making her shiver. It lifted up her shirt and she felt cold fingers trek along the side of her body. Next thing, she was up in the air with no shirt or panties and a tight grip on her thighs. Cold air blew against her then a tongue followed. Growing sensitive, she tried to get away with no avail. 

Slurping noises and heavy breathing. 

She clawed at the wall, pushing her way up like spiderman. "Jesus Christ" She gasped. It was becoming too much for her. The person was face deep in her pussy, doing nothing but licking and sucking. 

"Oh my God!" 

"Let me go!" She moaned and came so hard it was dripping down his chin onto the floor, her face was full of sweat and her legs were shaking. She was let go and she slid down the wall but didn't land on her feet on instead she hit something hard and was thrown over someone's shoulder. 

"What do you want?" She screamed. 


Nicki sat up panting and took off her mask looking around. Calming down, she made sure her mask was securely over her eyes and laid back down getting comfy in her sheets. She was almost drifting to sleep when a hand flew over her mouth. 

Not sure where to be relieved or not that she couldn't see who it was, she knew not to scream. Sticking her tongue out, she licked the person's hand causing them to move a bit allowing her to move her leg and kick them in the crotch. In a fast motion, she wrapped her legs around the back of the person's knees and flipped them over. Quickly taking off her mask with one hand and turning the light back on.

One hand still firmly around the person's neck bringing the other one down to add more pressure. "Aubrey?!" She said in shock now seeing the person's face. "I am going to fucking kill you!" She kept her hands around his throat but had a lighter grip.

"I told you to stop leaving the balcony door unlocked" Finally being able to breath, he spoke.

"No one is going to get me, not with my security and everything. Wait, you got in here through the balcony? You have a key, how stupid" 

"I never said I did. I did use my key but I'm just saying stop leaving the doors unlocked" 

"You're annoying. I'm going back to sleep" and just like that, Nicki got off him and went back to her side on bed. 

The next morning Nicki woke up to find she was the only person in the bed. 

"Maybe it was just a dream" She mumbled to herself yawning and rubbing her eyes. She went straight to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. Going back to her room, she felt a gush of wind and noticed her balcony doors were wide open.  

"Drake?" She walked over and looked over the edge and saw nothing suspicious. The cold started to get here and she started to get goose bumps. Just as she turned around, the balcony doors slammed shut. She tried to open them but to her surprise they were now locked. Taking a peek through the window, she saw a shirtless Drake laughing at her before dancing.

"You are so dead" She mouthed.

It's been in my drafts since September so I decided to post it.

12 February 2015


"So Mr. Graham, do you have any plans for tonight?" It was the last lesson of the day and he had finished teaching but there was still 15 minutes left. He would have let them go but it was principal that they stayed the whole lesson so his students decided to ask him questions.

"Other than marking your pop quizzes and essays, nothing"

"Not even with a fellow teacher?" He instantly knew who they were referring to. Every student had noticed that he and Miss Maraj were extremely close. They sat together at lunch and sometimes students would catch them talking in an empty classroom. It had become so common to see them together that they were deemed as 'Dricki' by almost everyone. All students thought they had the 411 on them since they weren't very secretive with their actions in school and how they would blush or quickly change the topic when someone brought the other up in conversation but they did not know anything. 

"No, but if I did, I wouldn't tell any of you. You're the biggest bunch of blabbermouths I've ever met" He sat on the edge of his desk and heard a chorus of gasps and even saw some student clutch their chests like he had hurt their feelings. 

"Oh come on and just tell us" A voice spoke up. He knew this conversation would not end unless they got a truthful answer.  

"Not even Miss Maraj?" One student asked with a raised eyebrow and leaned forward almost intimidating him. Drake let out a chuckle, the single mention of her name had the class captivated and he could feel them closing in on him with their eyes. 

Just as he was about to make a quick remark, there was a knock at the door. He went to open the door while answering the question. "Me and Miss Maraj are good friends" 

"We are now, huh?" Damn. With her appearance, there was no way that the topic of discussion could be redirected towards something other than his relationship. 

"Oh, Miss Maraj. Do you need something?"

"Yes, actually. I've got to photocopy some documents for my lesson, but I can't seem to get the machine to work so I was wondering if you could help me?" 


"You're still teaching?" It was a question that would get an obvious answer, of course he was still teaching. That was what she should be doing right now. "Nevermind then"Despite how much she tried to hide it, a small frown appeared on her face.  

"No he's not teaching!" He wanted so badly to tell her to get someone else to help her but there was no way he could say no to that face. 

"What's going on here? Oh wait, don't tell me it's that Dricki nonsense right?"

"Same ol', same ol'"

"So you're going to help me?" 

"Of course" Drake peeked his head out from behind the door to look at everyone. "I'll be right back, don't move" 

"So you didn't ask anyone before you came to me?" He asked as they walked to the copying room. 

"You're always my first choice" She smiled. He opened the door for her and walked into the room behind her. 

Nicki put her stack of papers on a table. "Do you need help turning it on or is it how to copy you need help with?"

"Just the whole process really? One big ass machine for a few simple tasks" 

"It's pretty simple. All you have to do is do is scan your id card like so, go to scan then when it scans, go to copy and type in the number of copies you want and presto" The machine started to process and Drake turned around to see if she understood but she was sat on the table across from the copier. 

"So did you get it?"

"Oh yeah. I already knew what to do, I just wanted to see you" 

"We saw each other at lunch"

"I don't care, it was only brief. You took your lunch to your classroom and I had to sit with the other teachers who I'm growing to dislike. I couldn't even follow the conversation" 

"You're a big baby"

"Oh really? What baby looks like this?" Nicki spread her legs and run her hands up her thighs, watching him lick his lips and stopped before they reached her panties then ran her hands down her chest exposing more of her cleavage. 

"That's enough" Drake moved her hands and held them down. "You do realise there are cameras in here?" 

"The security men need some action, the kids here are too well behaved. Where are the fights? The arguments?" 

"Yeah, because that's what school is all about" Drake helped her down from the table onto her feet and Nicki grabbed her copies from the multi-purpose printer. 

Upon reaching his classroom, they stopped and walked inside instantly causing the loudness and commotion to calm down as the couple made an appearance. 

"Oh, thank you for the help but can I borrow your stapler?"

"Sure thing, top draw" She strutted over to his desk and put her files down before crouching down giving everyone a nice view of her ass.

"Goddamn, whoever is hitting that is one lucky man because shit" Nicki smiled at the comment and stood back up. With a bit of a struggle, she managed to gather up the sheets of paper and place the stapler on top. 

"Thanks again" Nicki turned on her hell to leave the classroom when Drake's voice stopped her.  

"Sure you can manage?"

Nicki said, facing him. "Yes Aubrey, I walked here with this stack didn't I? I don't know why you can't be this helpful at home" And that's when the classroom went silent then erupted with claps and whispered remarks like 'I knew it" and a few chants of "Dricki".  

"Anyway, see you later" Drake watched her leave while shaking his head. 

6 February 2015


This concept has been in my head since the whole Omeeka thing happened and I wasn't going to write it but I couldn't help it. 

Early 2010

"I got your text, is everything okay?" Drake asked as he walked into her house receiving a kiss on the cheek on the way.

"Yeah, I just need to tell you something. Follow me" Nicki walked in front of him trying to hid her nerves. She led him to the living room and took a seat on the two-seater sofa, patting the empty space next to her. "I'm not going to bite, sit down"

She got herself comfortable by tucking her left leg under her right and resting her hands on her knees. "When I tell you this, you have to promise not to be mad at me. Promise?"


"Okay so you know Safaree right?"

"Yeah, he's your best friend. The one that always with you"

"Ah you see the thing is that, erm he's not just my bestfriend... He's my fiancè" She had mentally prepared herself for how the conversation was going to go; her telling him, him storming out and distance growing between them.

"Wow. You're engaged?"

"Yeah. And I've been meaning to tell you since you told me that you liked me, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings so I thought if I waited you would have figured it out for yourself and it would all be fine which was a bad idea. I'm sorry I didn't tell you from the beginning"

"I understand, I'm just confused and shocked but it'll go away"

"Are you sure you're not mad?"


"I'm so relieved. I hope that it doesn't mess up our friendship because you're really special to me and I don't want to lose you"

"I'm not going anywhere but I better get going, Wayne wants to be in the studio early to record this song"

"Oh, well see you soon?"

"Of course" Nicki walked him to the door and rest her head on the door, watching him walk to his car and drive off.

She slowly closed the door and turned around to see Safaree coming out of the kitchen with a glass of water in his hand. "How did it go?"

"Surprisingly well. I don't want to talk about it but I do want to cuddle so let's go to bed" Nicki grabbed his free hand and pulled him with her up the stairs. 

Thanksgiving 2010

"This is my moment, I just feel so alive, alive, alive" Nicki danced around to the track while singing then heard the crowd scream when Drake came bouncing from the side of the stage. 

"When I tell them hoes bow, bow, bow to me..." She didn't what it was but every time they performed together she couldn't stop smiling, she wasn't sure if it was him in general or the crowd's reaction to him being there and them being together.

"...New York City, I motherfucking love y'all" She couldn't help but laugh at his foolishness then he walked past her with his hood up looking all gangster which made her laugh even more. But then he stop and grabbed her cheeks making her heart race a little faster and kissed her on the corner of her mouth, it was close that she wished he had.

"It wasn't on the lips y'all, it wasn't on the lips!" 

New Years Eve 2010

"You're here!" Nicki squealed seeing Drake make his way through the crowd coming towards her.  When he reached her, he instantly pulled her in for a hug. "Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know. I'm so happy, you'll make this party less shit"

"You look nice in that hat" She giggled and looked down feeling herself blush.

"Are you kidding me? I look like that Willy Wonka from that movie" 

"Charlie and the chocolate factory"

"That's it" 

He leaned whispering in her ear. "A sexy one"

"Boy you better stop" Nicki turned around and looked around at the crowd. She felt Drake put her arm around her shoulder and she looked down and joined their hands. And that was the start of the roller-coaster. 

July 2014

"Hey Drizzy"

"What up?"

"I've got this song I want you to jump on"

"Aight email it to me and I'll send it back to you"

"Alright, but I haven't seen you in a while. I miss you"

"I miss you too baby girl"

"Well, when you're back in LA, call me so we can spend some time together"

"Sure thing beautiful" Nicki felt a smile creep on her face. "Well I've got to finish this track and this studio session so talk to you later?"



"I never fucked Nicki cause she got a man but when that's over then I'm first in line and the other day in her Maybach I thought goddamn this is the perfect time" Nicki paused the recording.

"Seriously? You're a fool" Nicki cackled trying to catch her breath. "Total fool"

"... and Nicki if you ever tryna fuck just give me the heads up so I can plan for it"

"That's real real cute boo boo. Thanks for letting me know"

"You know how I do" Drake popped his collar.

"Mmm hmm and so do all the other girls in Canada and America"

"Ouch" Drake clutched his chest acting all dramatic. "I'm not a hoe"

"That's true because you're a manwhore but the girls love it"

"Including you"

"Well I mean, it's hard not to" Her eyes widened realising what she said but he didn't seem to pay it no mind. "I mean, your hypnotising eyes, that sexy little voice of yours, the way you sing, plus you could smooth talk a grandma so"

"You know Miss Minaj, if I wasn't mistaken, I would think you were flirting with me"

"Me? I'm sorry you must be mistaken. I don't flirt, I tease"

"Boy don't I know. You've been teasing me for yearsssss. Giving me them lap dances, singing sexy, rapping super explicit. That lap dance to anaconda had me question my life and existence. I was the man after that, like what. Got me wanting to fuck the shit of you in the nicest way possible"

"Lucky, I'm not available, huh?"

January 2015 

"Drake, you made it" It was a saturday night and Drake had got a text from Meek Mill asking him to come and party. 

"Told you I would. But this club is crazy man, the girls here are fine"

"Amen to that, but I got a girl"

"You back with your baby mama?"

"Oh hell no, that bitch was crazy and still is"

"So who is it?" By the time he asked, they had made their way over to the VIP area where the rest of the crew were.

"Yo, you want a drink?"

"Yeah man"

"I'll be back" Drake spotted a seat in the middle of the sofa, presuming that's where Meek was sat, he took a seat. The conversation beforehand was still going on and Drake was immediately welcomed. He managed to talk to all the people except the woman next to him who seem to be indulged into a conversation with the woman next to her. Drake thought it was rude if he didn't introduce himself so he did.

"Excuse me, I'm Drake" He put his hand out for her to shake.

"Wait, Aubrey?"

"Onika? What are you doing here?"

"Well I was the area and," Meek came back with Drake's drink and handed it to him then swooped seats with woman next to Nicki putting his arm around Nicki's waist which Drake noticed.

"Erm Meek told me to come and chill with him"

"Oh I see"

She really is dating that nigga. 

February 2015 

"So you're here by yourself?" Drake asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"Thought you would be with your boyfriend"

"I wouldn't bring him to something like this, I mean c'mon. I just won my first Grammy and you've just won your second. Why don't we celebrate?"

"Fine, but please stay with the soft drinks I can't handle you when you're drunk"

"You can't handle me sober, big boy"

March 2016

From: Onika Maraj
Sent: 13th March 2016 23:17
To: Aubrey Graham 
Subject: (No Subject)

I was going to tell you in person, but I don't think I could. It took a lot of courage for me to tell you this and at least this way I can it all out in one go. Moving on...

It's funny how we've known each other for almost 8 years, so crazy. I remember those times when we were touring and you would comfort me when I was having hard times like that one time where me and Safaree had an argument and I couldn't stop crying and even though I didn't tell you the reason, you were there for me. Don't think there's been a time where you haven't been there for me... Even the times where I've been a complete bitch.

Then you confessed that you were in love with me and I brushed it off. It took me 5 years to see that you were serious. I always thought it was some publicity stunt and that's why I went along with it which was stupid and rude. I dragged you along like you were a dog and I'm sorry. 

I feel like I sort of owe it to you to give you an explanation and tell you that I'm in love with you too. I hid it pretty well. I sort of confessed to loving two people but no one caught on. You probably know the story behind I lied and I hope you understand why I did what I did. I thought if I left it (the whole being in love with me thing) long enough you would move on and everything would be okay. Once you fell out of love with me, I would fall out of love with you - simple right? At times I found myself being jealous of you being with other girls and I always asked myself why, I'm happy aren't I?

When me and you know who were over, I wanted to run to you and start something but I couldn't. Then Meek came along and I decided to give him a try. Thinking that just maybe he could take my mind away from loving you and every other problem I had. The whole rebound thing was a shit move and I was too blind to see it because I obviously wasn't over my last relationship and was trying to make my ex jealous. I mean 11 years is a really long time and no one gets over that as fast I wanted to make out I did.

That barely lasted a year so it wasn't meant to be. And before you say I told you so, I already knew. With all that being said, I'm not trying to rush into another relationship because I'm not completely healed but all I'm saying is be patient and please don't fall in love with someone new before we are something.

31 December 2014

A New Year

Drake: what do you mean you're not coming?
Nicki: I mean, I'm staying at home. Love you, have fun xo 

Nicki threw her phone to the bottom of her bed and sunk back into her covers. Every new years eve, Nicki would meet up with all her friends and go to Times Square to celebrate, but she was not feeling it this year. All she wanted to do was lie in bed and lounge around. She had just found a good movie to watch when her stomach rumbled and she decided to order something. She was a quarter way through the movie when the door knocked. 

"Mmm, my pizza must be here" Scurrying out of her room, grabbing her dressing gown and purse on the way. 

"That'll be $10.15 cents" Nicki not bothering to look at the pizza boy, took the pizza box and slapped $20 in his hand. She turned around and kicked the door shut with her foot. 

She walked back up the stairs. Drake re-opened the door and quietly shut it behind him. He silently thanked God she didn't have creaking steps. She was sat on the right side so he could jump on the bed and that's he did.  

"Holy shit!" Nicki screamed, pulling the pizza box to her chest. "What are you doing here?"

"Spending the new year with my best friend" 

"Aww, you didn't have to"

"Nah I did, so what we doing?"

"Well, I was going to watch a shit load of movies and eat pizza" 

"Well let me get myself ready" Drake stood up and took off his clothes, leaving him in his boxer shorts, and jumped under the covers. 

"Pass us a slice then" 

"Your mother's so stupid she exercises when she could just get like, liposuction or something!"

"Your mother's so old that her breast milk is powdered. You breast-feed like this"

Nicki stopped laughing and wiped the tears from her eyes. "What time is it?" 

"11:55" Drake checked his phone.

"We have to do the countdown, let me get a bottle of wine" She ran out the room with her junk food in her hands. 

"Two minutes left!" Drake shouted. Nicki put the wine and glasses under her armpits and ran as fast as she could back upstairs. 

She put the bottle down on her side of the bed and handed Drake a glass. After pouring some in Drake's glass, she poured hers. "3,2,1"

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" They clinked their glasses together and took a swing. Then there was silence. 

"Where's the fireworks?" Nicki looked out the window and saw nothing. 

"I don't know" Drake finished his glass and flicked to the news channel. "My phone's fast, we've still got a minute" 

Nicki put her half empty glass down and got comfy under the covers again. "And the countdown starts again" They laughed. 

"Countdown time. 10,9,8," The news anchor announced. 

"You know there's no one I would rather spend the new year with" Drake said.

"Me neither"

"3,2,1" Each second her face inched closer to his, her lips pressed against his softly. And she smiled when she pulled away.

"Happy new year babe" 

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And happy new year to all you readers. Hope this new year brings you joy and is all that you wish for xo